New Goodies from Triumph


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Looks like Triumph is trying to steal some of Rivco's thunder... and they are cheaper too...

This was just added to my Christmas list...

And it looks like they offer sturdier crash bars..

That allow these to be fitted...
I like the highway pegs, thinking of mounting those to my rivco bars...might need a smaller clamp though. I think they sell for about $100, not to shabby. I like the oil tank bling to. Come on Flip, you can't let Triumph trumph you! Surley you can whip out some pegs?
Yes, I will have that oil tank bling as soon as I can. That way you don't have to answer the "What size is it?" question.. :) I was kind of thinking of one along the lines of Chrysler's 440/6-Pack, except for 140/3-Pack.. :)
size matters

Which would be more impressive on the oil tank 140 cubic inches or 2300 cc's or 2.3 liters ?

Pig9R do you have a link to the bling?
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My Opinion

Great looking add ons. Definate Christmas stuff here. I really like the foot pegs and since I was going to buy the front bars anyway...well...why not be good to myself for Christmas. Kinda reminds me of the year my wife got a new Snap On torque wrench.:eek: I really didn't know they had alternative uses until she showed me..:(

As for the Oil tank reservoir and as one of the resident ole farts like me. I would prefer the 140 CI Tri-Power. Reminds me of the ole Pontiac muscle car days when the 389 X3 was in it hay day....YUP thats it...140/3 PACK for me....:D SB.
I'd advocate 2.3 liters. Unlike cubic inches, it suitably impresses / mystifies onlookers. Unlike 2300cc, it does not give rise to frantic bar room minimization efforts and/or anti-metric scepticism:rolleyes:. Jamie