Loose Starter Cable


.020 Over
Mar 8, 2006
Santee, CA
Found my main power cable to the starter loose (top of the starter). It was installed to the starter using a locking nut (metal wings in the nut threads cut into the bolt threads to secure). The nut was locked on the brass stud but was not tight on the power cable lug (1/4 inch gap). It's been starting (sometimes not) due to the fact that the lug would tack weld to the nut. I checked the cable numerous times by tugging on it, this time I tugged a little harder and it broke loose from the nut. When I pulled the rubber boot off of the stud, I couldn't believe what I saw.
I put a couple drops of oil on the nut and worked it back and forth to eventually remove it without breaking the brass stud. The stud threads were messed up so I ran an M8 die over it and cleaned up the threads before installing the cable with a nut and lock washer. Turned over great this morning, temp was around freezing.
It seemed to act up at cold temps. Bike would turn over very slow. Didn't start a couple times. I've even put in a bigger battery, Odyssey 680MJ. Now the starter sounds like it's on steroids.
This might be worth a check on other bikes as I see a lot of talk about cold start problems and batteries. I don't know if my bike was the only one they used that type of locking nut on, they are not recommended for brass hardware.It can be inspected from the right side of the bike.The connection is on the top of the starter and has a rubber boot cover. Pull the cover back and check if the nut is fully theaded down on the stud, securing the cable lug.