Helmet tickets in N.C.


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Mar 8, 2006
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Anyone riding through N.C. better have a DOT sticker on their helmets. Two of my friends have gotten tickets this week for riding with non DOT approved helmets. Evidently the Highway Patrol has decided to crack down. One of them had a DOT helmet, but had pulled the sticker off because he thought it was ugly. The Officer wrote him up anyway, even though an idiot can tell the difference. :flame:

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Jul 16, 2006
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Same **** in Michigan. ABATE took the Michigan State Police to court and won a stay so they have backed off. From what I understand there is no proven standard for DOT approval or Snell approval. Some helmet manufacturers were even having stickers printed up and applying them to helmets that wouldn't pass any impact test....

I had a chance to read some of the legalese. Pretty complicated but it boils down to you get pulled over here, they ask you for your drivers license and insurance and then your helmet to check the certification. You refuse, they insist, you refuse again, they ticket you and you claim illegal search in court and get it thrown out. It's all about revenue, that's all.

We rode completely across NC from just north of Kitty hawk to Boone and I saw very little Johnny Law and the ones I did see always waved and passed on. Of course I always wear a good lid. If you have a 5 buck head, wear a 5 buck helmet. Take a watermelon and smash it on the concrete. That's what your head does. My melon is worth more than that, helmet laws or not.

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