CF Wheels Test Ride Report


Dec 31, 2006
First let me make clear that the handling on my R3 was already much better than stock, due to the forward mounting of my handlebars, and the riding position dictated by my rear-rear sets.

The CF wheels have further improved the handling of my R3 way beyond my expectations. I am VERY, VERY impressed with the huge differences they have made in much lighter & quicker steering, improved acceleration, way better braking, and all-round sheer ride-ability. Everything about the bike is more sensitive... steering, throttle, brakes, and body weight shift. I do not exaggerate one bit when I say that the bike now handles as if it were 100 lbs lighter. My R3 now weighs in at 660 lbs... but handles like a 560 lb sportbike.

In conjunction with the stickier Pirelli ribber, my R3 now is "flickable". It may not flick side to side quite as fast as my BMW K1200S, but it's ****ed close. This is due entirely to the CF wheels, as it would never approach this level of handling before. The differences in the bike are as great as adding TuneBoy with 3 filters and Jars, or as in installing a SuperCharger. The reduction in unsprung weight makes that big of a change to the character of the bike!!!

I'm sure there'll be many out there that won't believe me, but quite honestly, I'm FKN amazed at the difference. I can only say, wait for more reports by others... or try it yourself. :D
I sent a copy of my ride report above to Terry Annecke, CEO of Blacstone Tek, the manufacturer of these CF wheels. Here is a copy of his reply:

Hi hombre

I can’t tell you what this does for our morale! We really worked hard on those wheels and we believe 100% in what our products does … but when someone like you tells the world, it has so much more impact. Thanks very much indeed for the endorsement! It makes the project worthwhile.

I have printed out the pic and your report and posted it on the factory notice board where everyone is now standing, admiring your bike and reading your enthusiastic words.

Thanks a lot. I have also read your other comments and taken action – thanks for the email.

Kind regards,

Terry Annecke
BlackStone Tek
Tel: +27 (0)11 704-0026
Fax: +27 (0)11 704-0031
Cell: +27 82-808-3176
Thanks hombre all your help , about the cf weels.
you have been great help, rims is on the way to finland:)
Bst weels arrived today , nice work super slik, tomorrow instal pirelli diablos fron and rear, and only 3 month to test drive....:(
Hombre Sir,

Am at a loss to understand the postpushing "crap" Pig9r refers to. And I am not going to scroll up to figure it out.

But I am gonna publicly convey my admiration to you for trying and experimenting... and, even more importantly, for sharing your enthusiasm with us :bch: