Shoei Multitec


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Anyone have one? What do you think? I have had an unfortunate oops with my KBC FFR and I am shopping for another modular helmet. The Multitec is supposed to be one of the best modulars.

I have the shoei X-ELEVEN, and the quality is exceptional. the adjustable airflow vents, ease in switching from clear shield to tinted/mirror with no tools, I would never have any other brand.
You can expect many years out of your shoei helmet.. Bob
Hey Piggr... If you get one maybe I will too and we can get a quantity discount... My Arai is getting old...
That's why I need to get another modular. I get claustrophobic if I can't open it when I stop or am ride at slow speeds when it's warm. And my current modular will no longer open and neither will the shield.
My Vega modular quit opening, so I took it apart and found a little cable broken. Replaced the cables with heavy duty fishing line and it's been working fine for over a year now. I wear the full face when it's cold or if it's raining, otherwise I wear a half helmet. [A dot approved one, not a novelty helmet.] I know it does not protect as good, but I'm claustrophobic also and I can see and hear everything around me with the half helmet.
Well I stopped by a Shoei dealer and tried one on. Very nice, light and good field of view. Only problem I could see is that the liner is not entirely removable. My melon was larger than I figured so I am glad I tried one before ordering. The dealer wanted $495, ouch. Found a better price at You have to call to get "good" prices. They had it for $328.

They also have rear tires on sale for $188.