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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Time for a new filter. Have ordered a KN in lieu of the OEM unit. Any pros and cons (impact on idling, decel popping, performance or at least gutfeel, etc. IF ANY)? Realize the question might have been addressed in the past. If so, please just direct me to the thread.

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Is this the under the seat (as in stock style) K&N? If so... not much needs to be done. If you have any trouble at all the 12 minute tune should fix it.
I think you'll notice the engine revs a little quicker. I have run K&N's on a couple of bikes and cars. No problems. They don't require much maintenance and are easy to clean. If you want the devil's advocate view about K&N's we need Hondax' opinion.:soapbox:
Thanks for your input. Bought and bolted the thing on 30' ago and went for a short ride. Only noticeable difference is a slight change in the intake sound. A bit more throatiness overall, turning crispier when accelerating. Quite pleasant I must say:) Jamie
If your like me and your closest Triumph dealer is 65 miles away, a cleanable/reuseable filter is the way to go. I've had one in my '95 Trophy 4 for ten years now and plan to get one for the Rocket soon. Bigern
K & N are very popular and apparently quite effective, with an arguable increase in performance and certainly a throatier sound.

I believe what you guys are experiencing is the same euphoria experienced by the 50% taking a placebo in a Viagra study.

As a chicken farmer I have many of the same system. For instance I have 144 brooder stoves. Every now and then several stop working for the exact same reason. I figure the life expectancy of the part has been met.

Not that this would ever happen with you K & N'ers, but I can't help but think of a bunch of you with excessive oil consumption at say 15,000 miles,.....or so.:)

The devil has spoken!:D
Did I miss something

What doe's oil consumption have to do with an oil fiter??? (K&N) in htis case. I had an 2001 Ford F150 with 170,000 miles and has K&N sinse the first filter change and it never burned a drop of oil!!:confused: