Images from Dragsport...


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Feb 25, 2006
I recieved these pics from Dragsport in Italy...

They have a website under construction...
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Good question... the last pic is obviously outlined. I recieved no other info with the pics but I'm sure more will follow when they are ready.
Good Start

I saw the first design mock-up and was especially interested in their attempt to protect the bottom with an engine guard. It looks like there's something there in the second picture but it almost appears to be too low to the ground. I wonder what kind of clearance there is?
I am no photoshop expert but those look doctored up a bit. Not my cup of tea but they certainly are interesting looking pictures. I keep wondering how the Rocket will feel behind a big fairing with the heat it generates.
The background only of the images was corrected with Photoshop

Really many thanks to toy for its availability and intelligent interpretation about the stage which we are get: this is the first prototype and soon there will be production pieces ......

The motrcycle is standard and the distance from earth is reduced only about 3 cm!!!!