Helmet Cam System


Dec 31, 2006
I've taken the leap and ordered a VIO POV1 helmet cam system for some riding video:

Besides being an "all in one" system (records on SD card) with small cam and wrist remote, the video quality is way better when compared to the Oregon Scientific ATC2 and the VHoldR helmet cams.

More info here:


Link Removed

Looking forward to posting some interesting clips. :D
SD card is the way to go. For the last year I have been using a Panasonic 3CCD camcorder that records strickly to SDHC cards. No moving parts, no additional media to buy.
Motorcycle Cam

I'm using my Motorola Droid as a video camera mounted on my R3 Classic handlebar. First test run with a shot of the mount at Motorcycle Cam AKA Motorola Droid.

Probably not as good as the dedicated systems like Hero but the quality is above par if you consider it's just a smart phone.

In the future I'll get something more professional, but this will do for now.
Contour Roam at Amazon for $89

Amazon is offering the Contour Roam helmet cam for $89. The retail is $199 so more than 50% off and free shipping.

I am looking to buy a helmet cam (Drift, Go Pro, Contour). I wanted the bluetooth and GPS capabilities of the other models, but at only $89 shipped, I can't say no.

This is the code if anyone wants it: 89ROAM89.