Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online


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Jan 15, 2021
Rocket 3 R MY2020
I noticed that questions below were meaningless.
I watched ETV tables of Penner's map carefully. ETV2 of the map are almost the same as ETV3 of OEM until 50%.
If I load Penner's map into the bike, Road mode becomes similar Sport mode of OEM.
Beyond 50%, Penner's ETV are bigger than OEM. So Penner's Road mode is mora aggressive than OEM Sport mode.

OEM Road mode is too gentle for me.
I want to change Road mode to OEM Sport mode, then change OEM Sport mode to Penner's Sport mode.
i,e, copy tables of OEM Sport mode to tables of Road mode, then copy tables of Penner's Sport mode to tables of Sport mode. This change will also make easier to compare Penner's Sport mode with OEM Sport mode during iriding.
Which tables should I copy? I know I should copy ETV3 tables of Penner's Sport mode to ETV2 tables.
How about other tables? Is there any tables which correspond to Riding mode? If there are some, which table corresponds to which Riding mode?

Anyone can advise me?
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Dec 11, 2020
Penner, do we have any hope of seeing your maps for Brazilian, Thailand, Chinese, Argentina, Indonesia and South Africa markets?

DNK base their tunes, which they sell, on the 31012 (GT), 31018 (R) and 31024 (TFC) for ALL markets, including those listed above. And they seem to work.

Update: They do not work. DNK did not know about the maps for other markets.
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