Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online


Mar 5, 2020
Peak District, UK
Jessica: Rocket 3 R 2500
Well, just another 'me too' post... applied the Penner map to my R and went for a test ride last evening. In short much smoother throttle response through the range and now I have to go to the dentist to get all the flies removed from my molars as my grin was so wide from testing (repeatedly) the new acceleration possibilities!

One thing I noticed is that the engine braking is reduced, making it particularly nice to throttle off when setting up for a corner and not feel like my nose is being pulled over the headlights, so much easier to control and pick up the throttle again.

Thank you Ulf Penner!


Roarr Admiral
Sep 14, 2020
To your right
I talked to Alain and if you email him he will sell the tune but he needs the vin and serial number of the ECU so not a one size fits most tune. (I am guessing the vin and serial number are used in the encryption of the ECU.)
Coming back to this: interesting, because it means it's possible at first, and "doable" from TuneECU. The fact he offered to send the map right away looks like there are no specific client software adjustment required, and that it could just be some bytes write to the proper place, as it's been for similar limiters elsewhere and before.

Due to the fact there is no "per-bike" encryption for anything we could write in this ECU for now, and that the TuneECU 2021-06-11 changelog states "Adding the "Protect Map" feature (for Pro license)", I'm thinking that this is more the developer attempting to get sure some maps will only be sold from him and locked to a specific individual, than cooping with any form of Keihin ECU encryption.

I'm willing to spend software development and first-level bytes reverse engineering time on such issues, but I don't know anything about usual Triumph/Keihin ECU storage specifics. If someone can assist with this part (modern Triumph with Keihin ECU maps data storage format)... TuneECU stores maps in a way that is kind of proprietary and independent from ECU maps data storage, so nothing useful I could infer from there for now.