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Feb 25, 2006
Please take a minute and post a review of your extended warranty company (If you bought one). Things like what the coverage is and how long, what you paid, what part of the world you are in, did it work out well if you had to use it, any other benefits... like roadside assistance or townig, that sort of thing. We would like to compare these and maybe sort out the good ones. This can only be done by your input so Thank You in advance :D.
Pinnacle Protection Plans, Cost $775.00 For 60 Months Unlimited Mileage
My Dealer "arizona Superbike" Recomends Them And Has Used Them For A Long Time, I Trust Them
Here are the quotes I was given from cyclewarranty.com all in US$

Optional Quote 1
Term: 7 Years/84,000 Miles
Deductible: $100.00
One-Time Payment: 1,680.00

Optional Quote 2
Term: 7 Years/84,000 Miles
Deductible: $25.00
One-Time Payment: 1,785.00

Optional Quote 3
Term: 6 Years/72,000 Miles
Deductible: $100.00
One-Time Payment: 1,380.00

Optional Quote 4
Term: 5 Years/60,000 Miles
Deductible: $100.00
One-Time Payment: 1,190.00

Optional Quote 5
Term: 5 Years/60,000 Miles
Deductible: $25.00
One-Time Payment: 1,295.00

I was offered an extended warranty yesterday when I picked up the Classic. I declined though I can, anytime between yesterday and the end of the 2/unlimited mileage OEM warranty, pick it up.

I'm not a fan of extended warranties on anything deemed reliable. Extended warranties are like term life insurance. When you are dead you don't care anyway.

Run the snot out of the R3, put on some mileage and see what craps out in 2 years and then decide (at least for me). These companies are banking on the majority of applicants never using the benefit and they know that Triumph produces a reliable product which is to their favor.

I should go into the extended warranty business then I'd not have to work.:D
I bought an additional 4 years (6 years total), no deductions, towing, from my dealer when I bought the bike. I think he charged me $600 but that included a $100 "discount". It's from Interstate National and the policy is called "Interstate Star Sport". I haven't used it yet.
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Roadside Assistance Plan

I'm VERY interested in extending the unlimited 2-year factory warranty to 5 years (or more). I did purchase the Triumph Roadside Assistance program for $299 for five years ... no deductable and they come & get you if you break down anywhere in the US ... there is a $350 per occurrence benefit that includes a replacement rear tire if the flat has 1/32" of remaining tread.

What's the easiest way to make this beast sound like a Triumph should? The stock pipes make it sound like a Gold Wing ... has anyone removed baffles?
If you search the Accessories or the Rocket Performance forums, there's mounds of discussion regarding aftermarket pipes and the corresponding sounds associate with each choices. In some cases, there are audio files in the Multi-Media forum that may help you as well.

Have Fun!
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Hey Ratboy, I installed the TOR's (Triumph Off Road) this past weekend and when I started the bike for the first time (in an enclosed shop), I was taken by supprise by the amount of change I heard, sort of caught me off guard & frightented me. Now, because the bike is in a buddys shop, I did not leave it running but a few seconds. The next day I took my son with me to tend to the bike some more & started it for him to hear. He too could not believe the sound the bike now puts out.

Tonight I'll get the bike out of the shop and do the 12 minute tune so the computer can aclimate to the exhaust system change. The only other system I know of that would be "more agressive" (others may be equal to the TOR's) is the Jardane setup. I hope you find an audio file of the Jars, you'll want to persue a set, if it's "RUMBLE" you want.

Good luck!

Bart has the TOR's on his R3 with the cat removed and with my ears it reminds me of a '65 Buick Electra 225 with a hole in the muffler.:D

The pfft, pfft, pfft. pfft, fart, fart of the stock pipes are allright with me. Besides, remember: Loud pipes don't save lives contrary to Hardley riders belief's. Loud pipes piss off the locals who then vote on laws to legislate your vehicle from existence.:D