Corbin fairing and bags


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Jul 8, 2007
I have read every thread I can find here about the Corbin fleetliner fairing and beetle bags. It sounds like they are made well and work well. Does anyone have any input on whether they are happy they chose them or wish they had went another route? Thanks.....Craig
Corbin bags

I can't speak for those who have the Corbin Fleetliner fairing, but as for the bags, I am very pleased with them. I have the two tone black/red color, the finish on them was superb, they lock and they just downright look good. It only takes about five minutes to remove them (three 9/16's nuts/bolts per side) and they go on in about 10 minutes (gotta line those holes up).

The only complaint I have is that Corbin has been shipping them with a heat resistant pad that sits above the mufflers on each side. The adhesive used just didn't cut it, they started to come off. I put some of the gorilla glue on them...after cleaning the surface off with acetone and they appear to be doing fine now.
Good luck with your decision if you decide to purchase them.

The only bad thing I have heard about the Fleetliner fairing is that getting to the ignition can try your patience. You may want to consider moving the ignition to the left side plastic panel just under the bearclaw and sligltly to the rear (where the 12V accessory switch would normally go), I believe Rivco makes a reloction kit for the ignition just for this purpose.
I have both the Fleetliner and the Beetles. Very aerodynamic together. I am still amazed that there is seemingly no handlebar input whatsoever with the Fleetliner. I put a 12" Memphis Shades windshield on it (Replaces the short stock 7" screen that comes with it) and it puts you in a very nice pocket of still air. No buffeting around your helmet at all. I haven't ridden in the rain or very cold weather yet but it has to give all kinds of protection from that.

The ignition key really isn't an issue, I had the Triumph Flyscreen before the Fleetliner and access to the key is just about the same. I haven't had any trouble getting in there.

The Beetles are nice, very handy. Completely waterproof and they lock.

Downside.... Don't drop your bike :eek:. And they are pricey.
I'm waiting to see if the Fleetliner helps with the dreaded monkey butt. The way I had the bike set up I could ride for a couple of hours before it started to set in. I always wondered if that blast of wind on your chest and head forced you down into the seat and aggravated things. My upcoming trip to Baxter's should shed some light on that.
Great, thanks guys. It seems as if the Corbin stuff will work well. One thing I am looking forward too is that the fairing protects your hands. It gets really cold here in Wyoming so It will be nice for those rides in the winter when the temp finally gets up close to 40.
It does protect your hands. I also bought a set of Triumph heated grips from Banjo Bart and between the two you can just about cook your hands, very toasty :D