Anyone have pix of a Starcom1 install?

I was just reading about that set up in Cruiser mag. and it said that the instructions are good but would benefit from more illustrations. Let me know how you like it, I'm in the market for a audio/intercom system. Good luck, I hope it turns out to be a good one for you. Did it come with everything that you needed for driver and passenger, cables and all? Thanks, sorry for answering your question with a question:D
Snuff, yes it does come with all the cables needed. I also had to purchase a cable for my Zumo. Also bought a volume control ( you probably read about it in the review) and their "Pro Mounting Kit". I pinged Tecstar for some pictures but they said that they didn't have any. Oh well, it shouldn't be much harder than wiring an aeroplane :D I will post pictures when I'm done.
I have the original starcom and I love it, will go take soem pics and see if I can post them up today

I have the whole works under the seat
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