1. Emiel


    I notice burn marks on the manilfold between cilinders 1-2 and 2-3 on my GT. Anyone seen this? anyone has an explanation? anything to worry about? 4,000km on the clock.
  2. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **SOLD** Cat Eliminator Manifold for 3 Pipe Exhaust

    SOLD This Triumph factory Cat Eliminator Manifold Pipe came off a 2005 Rocket 3 pipe bike. Very clean inside. Was only used a short time until owner got a full Jardine system. $280 Shipped Domestically. Make Offer.
  3. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Exhaust Manifold Stock

    Little used stock exhaust manifold with inner heat shield. Excellent condition. (I also have all the chrome outer heat shields to go with it for an extra fee.) Still Available 9/13/21. $110 Shipped Domestically. Make Offer.
  4. Jeremy Chad Poland

    Exhaust Manifold Nuts

    So I just picked up a new 2018 Rocket and have already lost an Exhaust manifold nut with less than 300 miles on it. I checked the other manifold nuts and there were loose as well. Can someone with a service manual tell me when these should be torqued to? Should I just remove them all and...
  5. John Miller

    Injector seal - vacuum leak at the manifold

    Well after scratching my head for the last day or two trying to locate the cause of a small back fire through one of the throttle body's - using brakleen as a sniffer spray I could get the engine to flare when I squirted the brakleen onto the injector body where it meets the intake manifold on...
  6. Kojack1970

    Anyone use exhaust wrap on stock header/ manifold?

    Just curious if anyone has wrapped the stock head pipes? I was riding yesterday and it was warm temp wise and the back of my right thigh was cooking!! Wondered if it was worth it to try a wrap or maybe some other solution. Thanks
  7. Stock Manifold to TORS

    Folks, I'm getting a 2007 Classic that has the Triumph-supplied (TORS?) exhaust. The underbike connection of the 3 pipes into the Cat box then on to the mufflers looks like an absolute power-robbing mess. Does anyone make an attachment from the manifold to the mufflers, eliminating all that?
  8. Steel

    Exhaust manifold design program

    I have been kicking around the idea of either making or have made, an exhaust system. I was looking online at a program to design the header system. I'm missing a couple of numbers. I was hoping someone could fill in the blanks. Or even point me to a better program. Primary Header Tube...
  9. dougl

    Clips for manifold

    I have 2 of the brass clips (oval hose clamps) that hold the stock manifold to the throttle bodies. I mangled one of the originals so I used 1 of 3 spares. Send me your U.S. address and I'll mail them.
  10. stepnet1983

    Exhaust Manifold Leak?

    OK guru's I need some help. I removed the heat-shields to take them in for powder coating and I went out today to start the bike and let it run for a few minutes. When I started the bike I detected what sounded like an exhaust leak so I put my hand by all three of the exhaust pipes and you can...
  11. alinus65

    3 in 1 air intake manifold

    Hi, anyone know where I can buy a 3 in 1 air intake manifold similar to the one in the image. Thanks
  12. WTB Cat Bypass/Manifold Upgrade

    Anyone have a spare CAT bypass (manifold upgrade) laying around for a Rocket Classic that you might want to be rid of? If so, please PM me. Thanks.
  13. custom intake manifold

    I know the triple under bearclaw seems to be the favorite way to go for an intake but I saw a picture in the albums of a one into three manifold that really turns my crank. Any chance anyone out there has done the r and d on something like this and can put one together? I'm currently using the...
  14. cat box/manifold

    I have the manifold upgrade in my 06 r3 classic. I am going to put a cat box back on. Will it make it quieter, i'm hoping. will i have to retune it at the dealer? Will it stop the popping on decell?
  15. exhaust manifold gaskets leaking

    at about 450miles my center manifold gasket right off of the block was blowing out hot gasses onto my right leg (hot stuff) . the dealer had to order a complete new set and then all was fine. But now I have about 8200 miles on the ol' rocket and the center doughnut seems to be blown out again...