exhaust manifold gaskets leaking


Apr 25, 2006
at about 450miles my center manifold gasket right off of the block was blowing out hot gasses onto my right leg (hot stuff) . the dealer had to order a complete new set and then all was fine. But now I have about 8200 miles on the ol' rocket and the center doughnut seems to be blown out again. there is black (soot) area right on the top edge where the pipe hooks to the block. the bolts seem to be tight and I wouldnt want to break them off. Has any one else had any troubles with these gaskets? Thanks
Mine's Okay

I've always noticed some heat coming from the engine especially sitting still on a hot day. I checked and all seems to be okay on the beast. When you find the culprit, be sure and let us know for future reference. Remember Triumph offers FULL COVERAGE for 2 years.

Good Luck
I have not heard of any problems nor have I had any. I would say either something wasn't right from the factory in the first place (cross threaded bolt, defective pipe etc) and the gasket covered it up until it disintegrated enough again. I have found a few fasteners, one on a side cover and one on the chrome strut covers that was either cross threaded or not properly aligned prior to tightening from the factory. Are you still within the warranty?
I'd take it back to the dealer...

Do you have a torque wrench? Believe it or not those nuts holding the manifold to the head have a pretty low torque value... 19 nm... you could loosen the nuts and re torque them, a lot of times that does the trick. If you do re torque them start on the middle pipe and work your way out, ie the very front nut and the very rear nut should be the last two you torque down.

Better yet, just run it without an exhaust... the neighbors won't care!!:eek: