WANTED:::::::Cat box bypass- triumph


Jun 24, 2007
:eek:I am interested in a cat bypass..for my 2007 Rocket :eek:.Lets make a deal>>>>>>>>>>

Ride safe!!!!!

Bought one --- update
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Lets see if we can get Flip to make us one. Are you listening Flip? I'd rather buy one from you than Triumph. You could call it the "Flip Deleate":D
I understand they are doing remarkable work with pig intestines; in an addition to sausage casings, And very recently rat hearts have been grown from dirt. The current best deal I've seen was $319 on flee-bay from a bike shop in the NE somewhere; for the OEM "silencer upgrade".
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I just got a set of OEMS for 281.14 delivered from motorcyclegearshops.com, during their 25 percent off sale over the holiday. Not sure if they still have something going on.
As bmtbandit testifies to, deals can be had. I hate to hurt his feelings, but I got into a 50% off sale for mine 10 months ago. The point is: keep you eyes on this forum and the various outlets and a real deal can be had. We are in the off-season. ;)
No hurt feelings. You got a hell of a deal. I just wasn't going to wait any more. I already had teh TORs and Tuneboy. so I was itching for the cat bypass