Trunk rack for Roadster?

You mean this item?

That's probably the best starting point. I could even use the sissy bar as "vertical anchor point" for the top case.

Good exercise for developing my fabrication skills. And it has to look good too...

Yep!!! That's the one. Although that one looks smaller than mine.
This is my rack, Looks bigger.

Sorry guys been doing some work in garden..... yuk
Yeah mine is the same as Mittzys not sure if there is a size difference (it might be the angle of picture) but there wouldn't be much in it and the important thing is that apart from the slight design and size difference the mount appears to be the same (you could always order for the 08 model which mine is), you wont need the sissy bar as it will hinder opening the box (in the case of my box it has a decent backrest built in) unless it opens sideways and the base plate which I might add I adhered with Sellys 401 industrial silicon to the base of box plus reinforced it inside before mounting to rack, you may be able to see that I also put a layer of high density sponge rubber strip along the contact area of rack as to not damage the chrome
Hey Armin .. I've got a spare rack (no sideplates or Sissy bar) just the rack. You can have it if you want to pay postage. You'll have to find the sideplates to be able to mount it. You'll probably have to buy new or wait till a second hand one comes up for sale. They do come up for sale .. I just sold one myself. If you do grab my spare that means you could mod it to mount your trunk and still have a standard rack. Just a thought ;)
If your good with your hands mabey you could fabricate something like this?


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Thank you, albertaduke!

Did you modify the OEM solo rack, which is mounted instead of the rear seat?
Occasionally I ride two-up and I would like to keep the passenger seat, if possible.


I did not modify anything , my rack
is the small rack BEHIND the pillion I just made a plate with extrusion big enough for my large tour bag thats all