Top Yoke Replacement

Do you have the front end up in the air with the front wheel removed? If not, this may be your problem. Any weight on the front forks with the top tree removed will allow the fork tubes and lower tree to flex and cause the fork tubes to loose alignment with the neck shaft. Also you may also try loosening the lower tree pinch bolts. Bigern
Cycling the forks through their travel (with the spring caps removed and springs out) while the axle is clamped and the pinch bolts on the legs loosened should align the tubes. Just be careful when contracting the fork lowers all the way that the fluid don't come out the top of the tubes.

One problem with Triumph forks in general is that there isn't any provision for draining fork oil without inverting the forks. Obviously a manufacturing step saved and lower cost even though Triumph buys the fork assemblies from another manufacturer (I believe Showa).

On my T100, I disassembled the lowers and drilled the legs from the bottom up, tapped the holes and installed drain plugs. That way, I can change the oil regularly as well as control the dampening by changing viscosity of the fork oil.

Forks without gaitors tend to have a bit of ingress of moisture over time that will compromise fork oil.
I Got It!

Taking the weight off the front wheel did it. After thinking about it for awhile I realized it may have moved do to the weight of the front wheel assy. It was still pretty tough getting it back together. I'm not sure it was worth it. But, when you get "Chromes" disease it'll make a man do strange things. Thanks for all the responses.