To Cover the Trip K&N's or Not To Cover


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
with the bearclaw cover, that is the question.

I did a little semi-scientific study to see if it intake air temp was cooler without the claw cover. And surprisingly I found that it doesn't make a bit of difference.

I have been running around for the last few weeks with the claw cover off. So I hooked up my scangauge II and went for a 25 mile ride with both city and highway riding both with and without the cover on.

It was about 90 degrees F out. I found that the intake air temp stayed between 115 and 120 degrees F, no matter whether I was going 100mph or 10mph. The sensor doesn't seem to be real time and only samples every so often. Cross winds seemed to have the biggest difference on lowering the intake temp, still it would get down to 112F only for a bit. At highway speeds it stayed at a steady 118F both with the cover on and off. City riding would vary depending on wind direction but no differences were noted whether the cover was on or off. I think the biggest spoiler of cool air reaching the intake at highway speeds is the warm air coming out of the radiator.

The coolant temp was around 198F while cruising and would get up to 216F at it's highest.

The scanguage also shows the % of load the ECU is calculating. This engine doesn't work hard at all. At just about any steady cruising speed it is in the single digits. It takes WOT for a while to get to 100%. Short blasts from say 50 to 80 mph only get up to about 60%.

So for what it's worth and from where my air temp sensor is positioned (between #1 and #2 throttle bodies) the intake air temp isn't any lower with the claw cover off.
Thanks, that's nice to know in both regards...

I've been considering #1, cutting on the claw, but I haven't.

I've been trying to do #2, but I can't seem to find any takers...:rolleyes:
I have a heat scanner gun (lazer) that is in real time. Swing by the shop and you can borrow it, it goes up to something like 1800 degrees, great for red hot catalytic converters :D

Try this makes a big diferance.With my hi tech. hand down there,instead of the pigger hombres hi tech what ever..Pigger shame shame..Your hand Is real time..Crazy Jack
The thing on the rad. call it a heat spoiler..Blows the heat away from the the K&Ns.
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And the faster U go the better It works..Age and trecherary will overcome youth and knowledge...And technoladgey and spelling..Young wipper snappers..LOve Crazy Jack Or Jackand coke..
Jack- are you talking about the hairspray bottles or the car mat?:D

Actually I used my hand quite a bit and could only feel hot. I could feel a lot of hot air from the radiator making its way up to the intake. Give me more details on the car mat, that seems like a good idea.
Before getting the power commander, I did put Wayne's Jardine tune in my bike (I've got Jars with triple K&Ns and no secondaries) and it ran lean. Maybe it's just different air or different dynos?

Nonetheless, interesting information on the cut bearclaw. I've got mine cut and can tell you that I do enjoy seeing the K&Ns exposed. It reminds me of an argument I used to get into with my high school basketball coach: He just couldn't understand that while a dunk was indeed only worth 2 points, dunking is about more than just scoring 2 points. I'd have to say having those triple K&Ns exposed is like dunking the ball 2-handed from the dotted line. :D

Naw I aint telling,,because you called me old..Young wipper snapers..Cant you see the downward sloping thingie on the rad. Its made from an old piece of Busa plastic covered in vinyl and black car carpet..Anything,Alum,plastic,thin metal,cardboard covered in fiber glass will work..To blow the heat down instead of back on the TBs..It aint Rocket science..(Iam takin over for John Mckee.).Te He- Yes a car mat would probably work If stiff enough. Like Me..HoHa..Just try to seal it around the rad. cap as best you can..(Actually I used my hand quite a bit and could only feel hot)Sicko,whats that got to do with it?? I was gonna flop my dong down there for more sensetivity but couldnt In town..Serious,,It helps quite a bit..Let me know If u want more picts. Crazy Jack Oh and rubber door edge guard from cheker auto parts.
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