Thunder on the Rock Monteagle Mountain, TN


Apr 18, 2007
Ringgold, GA
Thunder on the Rock Monteagle Mountain, TN June 1,2,3

Come on up or down for the Thunder on the Rock rally on Monteagle Mountain, TN. Our SCRC group is going up with several bikes and riders. The entertainment line-up looks real good with the likes of 38 Special and the Kentucky Headhunters on the schedule plus several others. The rally is scheduled for June 1,2,3 heres a link to their site:
Looks like it'll be a :bch: hoot, if your local you don't want to miss it, even if you ain't it is going to be worth the ride.
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****! Gotta work the weekend:( Perhaps one day leading up to the big party will also have one of the numerous shows on stage? Schedule of headliners isn't posted as of now. Sure wish I could swing it and rub shoulders with a Thunderette or three:D Gotta luv them Tennessee muffins:bch:

Just wanted to bring this to the forefront, just in case the matter slipped by the lesser observant...that would be me; after 5 days of the ex- and her know-it-all hubby's very recent visit. The dude can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about carbon fibre wheels or the specific gravity of a knat carcass in home brew.
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