Strange Vibration!


.020 Over
Mar 16, 2006
Paignton, Devon
Anyone got any Ideas..... strange vibration can be felt through bars and pegs at 2500rpm -2600rpm lightly touch the clutch leaver 1-2mm and vibration disappears,Triumph dealers have no idea!:confused:
Welcome Toshvmax,

Using the way back machine to access my encyclopedic brain, I have found the following:

How many miles on bike? If it's new or low miles it may very well work it's way out of the vibration.

When you pull in clutch lever could it be the pressure you are placing on the grip is causing vibration to subside?

Have you tried adjusting the clutch cable?

Does it cease when motor is off?.......just kidding!:rolleyes: :D

I wish i had a nickel for everytime I've heard someone present a dealer with an issue only to get a "beats me", "hmmmmm....I don't know", or "good question"..........:mad:
O.k the bike has done 4000 miles I bought it with 900 miles on the clock at which point it did not do it. I have tried adjusting the cable all that seems to do is cause clutch slip.
you do actually have to pull the lever in, so it isnt the pressure on the grip that stops it.:rolleyes:
You can only feel it in the bars, not the seat or anything else? Can you duplicate it standing still, in neutral, and holding the rpm's at 2500 to 2600? Has anyone checked the torque on the mounting bolts for the handle bars?

If it does it only while riding, note how fast you are going. Then... try to maintain that speed and vary the gears you are using to maintain that speed so you vary the rpms. Is it really more speed based than rpm based? If so look at front tire air pressure, balance, abnormal wear, bearing play, steering head play ect....

If the only thing that that changes the vibration is pulling in the clutch, and it won't do it in neutral, and it isn't speed related, and all your bolts are torqued correctly, I'd almost have to say the problem is in the clutch.

Another thing... maybe you could ride another Rocket and see if that one does it. Its gonna be a crappy weekend here or I'd go out and try for ya...
I had another thought.. (these things come to me slowly:eek:).... make sure your bar end weights are tight...
These are the pre-failure symtoms of the output shaft bearing in the tranny as described by one rocket owner:

It started as a growl with a slight vibration on the foot pegs. As it got worse, the sound went more toward a clunking sound. You will know this is a problem if you shut the bike down and while in neutral, role the bike backward and forward. You'll hear the clunking sound when you change directions. The sound may come from the front left corner of the motor and resonate to the rear hub. As you continue to ride, the vibration will become worse and much more audible at lower speeds (20 - 40 mph).

Might this describe why it leaves when the clutch is pulled in?
I have had this same vib on my bike since new , does it at about 2000 goes at 3000 back at 4000 so on and so on .Can be felt in the seat bars and pegs haven't been able to do anything about it because mine also will not idle. Its been a 7 month fight and it still does not idle. Triumph says they don't know what to do allmost riding season i'm pissed .:mad:
I wonder how many bearings have failed worldwide:confused: , puts a little worry in the back of the mind .
had/ have still got the same problem with vibration, take up the minutest of free play in the cable (just operating the clutch) and the vibes decrease my dealer agreed with me after a test ride and replaced the clutch made a small difference but it was still there i think when you operate the clutch it centres the whole clutch assemble reducing any out of balance forces wich you get when the clutch is in the driving posistion
bad /design manufacture i suppose
will probaly fit upgraded clutch soon as its begining to slip under hard acceleration.

cat removed/tuneboy/restrictions removed in 1st 2nd 3rd gear/maxton rear shocks/reworked seats