Red idiot light....


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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
... just went on and off at stoplights, repeatedly, while the fan had been ON for several minutes. That's the one signaling either a low oil level or a coolant problem. It's the hottest Swiss summer in 100 years (no kiddin'), as hot in fact as in Morocco where I was last week, but that does not explain it, does it? Upon inspection, both levels were found to be close to max and there was no evidence whatsoever of any leakage.

Another thing, whenever that red light went on, the idling turned a bit (+ or - 300 rpm's) erratic. The dealer tells me to IGNORE that idiot light. Which is quite in keeping with my proverbial "don't worry, be happy" Rocket III owning and operating style. But should I worry:confused:

Rationalization and/or guidance appreciated. Heaps of thanks. Jamie
Hmmmmm...Sounds like she might have been running just a hair hot. That, or the oil pressure was dropping a hair low. Could be a sending unit a little out of kilter also. Hard to know for sure with only one light.

I would say that unless it comes on and stays on for a while, you are probably ok. If it does stay on, I would shut her down pretty quick.
It sounds like it may have overheated... or it thinks it has overheated becuase of a loose connection to the coolant temp sensor or maybe the sensor itself is bad. It is not uncommon for connectors to fail briefly when very hot due to expansion of the contacts. Its hard to track this stuff down unless you have some testing equipment on hand when it happens. Just keep and eye on it, if it never happens again it is probably connector issues, if it keeps happening you may have an air bubble in your cooling system or another problem...
That is hot for Genev Jamie,wow,beast is rebelling when you can't keep the air running over that big radiator.I know mine does not like it hot and it gets that way fast stopping all the time in traffic.Waited for 8min. yesterday on road work,about fried,light came on but went out a few seconds later,idle started getting funky then we started moving again and the heat coming off was something else but ran fine.Gotta keep moving or shut her down is all I can think.All I know is electronics and hot equals trouble.:confused:
This is the start of the idle problems Jamie!! That is how mine started and now I get my light coming on even when it isn't that hot!! Another one bites the dust :eek: :(
Biting the Dust?

In 20 months and 20'000 hard-charging k's, I have been spared all teething problems (2nd gear engagement failure @ 8'000 k's aside) and age or mileage-related ailments as reported here and there.... If this idiot light triggers, signals or coincides with- an idling hiccup, I'll get it fixed. Or I'll live with it.

Am still deeply in love with the Rocket III, Steve:roll:
Steve.... if your idiot light comes on and then the bike idles poorly... I would have the dealer check the coolant temp sensor reading that the ECM "sees" using the scanner. If you have a bad sensor or a wiring problem your ECM may think the coolant is at something like 150C which would be way outside normal parameters and it would cause the ECM to go out of the adaptive process and run like "pounded dog ****", as my esteemed colleague would say.
Pig9r said:
Or just ride the 675.:)

I do that, too. Over 3'000 k's on it, mostly full blast on Alpine roads. No chicken strip left on the rear tire. Only 1/10th or so of an inch on the r/h side of the front rubber, l/h looking... shaved. And a new set of bolt-on tungstene sliders on my racing boots already worn out (will have to raise them pegs cuz' I can't raise them toes any higher). Dealer "impressed". Has invited (as in "truck transportation provided and all expenses paid" cooing) truly yours to do a demo ride on a nearby French track !

Yes, this reads boastful. Dangerous. Anachronistic. Or plain silly. Whatever. I know. But @ 57 years of age, I feel incredibly good about it:)
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