Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey everyone, I'm certain this has been asked numerous times but here goes again (or maybe you could point me to the info I seek). I have some photos I'd like to post & am needing guidance in getting them where I need to get them.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am sure someone less it challanged will better answer your question, but you simply go to the 'photo album' on the bar at the top of the site, click it and then go to the right hand side of the photo album area and select upload photos. It will take you to a screen that has a browser, select browser and it will pull up your pictures if they are stored on you computer. Unfortunatly I have not discovered how to upload more than one at a time. Good luck.
1. The photo must exist somewhere on the web, if it is Rocket III or Triumph related up load them from your computer into our photo album. If it contains other content use a free photo hosting service like Photobucket or Imagevenue. Just do a Google search for "Free Photo Hosting" and you will get many results.

2. Depending on your browser.... you can right click on the photo and select properties and then get the URL for that image. You can then copy that URL and paste it into the little yellow postcard looking thing above (in the message field) and your photo will show up in your post. If you have some weird browser or AOL you are hopelessly lost and you will just have to experiment to see if anything works...

I thought this was an interesting photo from Raymond...

Nothin' to this stuff....
Lets see if I can post one

Disregard the old square's for parts.

It ain't no foot, but it is a chick magnet (don't tell my wife).


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Wire or twine..


It's a twine bailer. Set up for sisal. The knotter is in excellent condition but the body ain't pretty. I use it for a backup and the chute makes a nice house for the cats.

Thanks for the kudo's on the T100. I know this isn't a forum about them, but it is my other bike and it took a long time and lots of money to get it that way. If I go from the R3 to the T100, it seems as though I'm riding a mini bike.:)