Pix of Progressive 440s?


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Feb 15, 2007
About to order a set for the new Rocket III, but I'd really like a set that is fully chromed like the stockers. The ones I see online have a black ring at the top and bottom, and a big honkin' logo at the bottom.

Any photos of installed 440s would be appreciated. Also, can they be found in head-to-toe chrome, and is the logo a removable sticker?

With flash

No flash

The Progressive logo is a sticker and looks like it would come off with no problems. I know Progressive offers several different combos, you might email them and let them recommend the correct part number. I emailed them a couple weeks ago and they got right back.
Thanks Pig,

They make a big difference? I've been surprised at how rough the ride is on my week-old Rocket. Bumpity-bump-bump.
Yes they help. You can actually feel the swing arm working. I went 1/2 inch lower. With a passenger (I weigh 200 lbs, passenger about 125-30) I would bottom out over curbs so I went with the heavy duty springs. The heavy duty springs are better than the stock shocks but not as cushy as the standard.

Check to see what your stock shocks are set at. Some adjustment might help for the time being.