Oh Jamie.......

Yes. The irony is that Triumph has a decent palette of greens, including the dark (too dark?) "Aston Green" on my former 955i Daytona Centenial and a nice "GoodWood Green" on the current "base" Bonnie in its paint booth. Both so very British. But for some reason, it seems to prefer more conventional colors:confused: .

Scorched Yellow aside, one could argue, but that ain't my cup of custard ;)

Best. Jamie
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Color Enchanter Pig9r

Blue (a bit too Honda Hornet blue IMO) not in Triumph's D675 catalogue. Nor was the white unit you posted on Rocket Science while I was shamelessly inviting forum members to be witnesses to my buying proclivity.

Am mystified.

Are these ex-factory one-off's? Or importer, dealer or end-user special paint jobs? Or have you so cleverly mastered computer color graphics that you can credibly turn any bike into any color by a click of the mouse?

Local computer expert (my son) says that the blue unit upstairs is a "true blue" hue, not a computer-repainted grey one. I say I had challenged you to... invent an "Aston Jade Green" one for me... but you never did come up with it, did you? And I had already ordered the "Graphite" rendition.

And then, why did not you produce a BRG (as opposed to blue) Daytona to lure me into responding to your provocative "Oh Jamie" message?

Hence my non-response. Ooops:) . Jamie
The blue is more than likely Caspian? Blue. If you work at Triumph or have a good friend that does you can order your bike in whatever factory color you want. Both the white and the blue are factory paint jobs. So one could probably be had in the same green as the Centennial Daytona.
My dealer knows nothing about Triumph's custom colors. Would you have a link or an address at Hinckley I could refer him to? Thanks for the help. Jamie
No I don't have any info. Only what I have found about these bikes. Your dealer might check with his Triumph sales rep to see what it would take but I think you have to be a factory employee. Probably one of those I'll buy you lunch type of things.

We have a Ford plant in our city. A former neighbor was a factory employee. When his order came through the plant for his vehicle he walked with it down the assembly line. Not only did it get every accessory, option, double paint etc but he couldn't roll down the windows when he took delivery because of all of the extra stereos and other odds and ends that were put in the doors to be retrieved later. And we wonder why American car companies are hurting?