Lower Timing Chain Blew-up!!!!!!!


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Jun 10, 2006
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Well, Saturday was not a good day, at least it ended up pretty crappy.
Left Saturday about noon for a couple hundred mile ride, it was almost 80 degrees F, beautiful day. Was about 75 miles away from home and the bike started to run rough between 2000 rpm and 5500 rpm. :mad: I was thinking that I needed fuel??? Pulled over, fueled and started it back up, it was still running rough. Decided to head home and as I kept driving it got worse. Thinking that I had a fuel problem I didn't think much of it. As the miles added, the sound of my bike started to die. With the Jardines on, it started to sound like a stock bike. NOT GOOD.....:( Well made it back to town about 15 miles away and at the stop sign it went click and died. It would not restart, big "oh ****"... Well pushed to the gas station on the corner and it still didn't start, sounded like no compression. At that point I thought I lost a cylinder..

Trailered it to the Triumph dealer on Sunday, called first thing monday morning and they called at noon and told me that I had zero compression on two cylinders. They would call and let me know what Triumph corporate wanted to do, since it is warranty work. They called this morning and told me that the lower timing chain blew up. I asked what that meant, and he said that the valves were bent causing the compression issue and parts are being shipped. He thought it would take at least two weeks to get it back.

Has anybody else had the same thing happen???? If so, what did Triumph do for you and what was the end result of activities??

Greatly appreciate any comments.
Forgot to Add bike info

Well I forgot to add bike information.
7600 miles, Jardines (installed end of August with 1000 miles), Triumph Tune, Same rear tire, it is going to get replaced. All else is stock triumph parts.
Maybe it was the lower timing gear that let go. I think Triumph updated them between '05 and '06? It is also part of what gets replaced on the paint can rattle fix.

Sounds like your dealer is on top of it though. Perhaps Sightglass can give us some insight.

Guess Triumph don't care when they have to do pistions and valves over just replacing the sprockets and chain as preventive maintenance..BJC

Look at It this way,when Its back together your good to go..The rest of us are just waiting for It to happen somewhere In the middle of west algapecker..Just hope we are all going slow..BJK
this makes me a bit nervous, as i just got mine a week ago, iv got 360 mils and it just seams like there is a bit more noise coming from the engine than there was when i got the bike. may have missed it but dont think so. and ill be asking tomorrow but have you had problems with doing your own maintenance voiding your warranty
I'm starting to wonder if Triumph is going to treat this like the spoke problem on the Bonnevilles. Sounding more and more like a recall is in order. Wonder if it's time to write NHTSA about the problem?

My 06 Classic has never gotten noisy. I'll have to take the lower cover off this winter and have a look at the sprocket to see if it has a shoulder or not.