Aug 14, 2006
Mount Carmel Illinois
This may sound stupid, but I am new, and I'll probably be stupid again. BUT
In my owners manual it says at the 500 mile checkup to have the--
Engine ECM - checked for stored DTC's.:eek:
What does this mean:confused:. I can do all the other maintenance myself but this.
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Hi Triroketman,there is no such thing as a stupid question here,but I'll be stupid and answer as I'm no expert.I believe what the manual meant was the digital trouble codes stored in the electronic control module.Like cars,moderm motorcycles have these ECM's and they store any problems in codes that only special devices can read.Triumph dealers have the tools needed to read these codes and modify the ECM.You can buy a code reader to see problems in cars and trucks but I don't know about the Rocket.You sure can't modify the ECM's as many would like to .That's to keep the polution police happy!:eek:
The Rocket is an OBD II vehicle... which is a USA Federally Mandated thing to basically monitor the systems that control emissions. I wouldn't worry about on board DTC's (Diagnostic Troble Codes)... usually your bike will throw a check engine light if you were to have one of these. If your bike runs poorly and your check engine light is on... by all means have it checked. I doubt you have any at all....:D