ECM Connectors


Mar 11, 2015
Dothan, Alabama
2014 Roadster, 2020 Rocket GT
Anyone know where I can get both the gray and black locking tab connectors for the ECM? Went to remove my ECM and discovered the dealer I purchased the bike from had swapped out the ECM and in the process broke both locking tabs. I have been operating the bike for over two years with the connectors plugged in but not locked in!
One still had the broken locking tab under the rubber cover. The other tab was missing. I did attach the connectors using silicon. Will also add a zip tie for extra security. I just prefer to have it as original rather than hodgepodge it to work.
+3 on zip ties. If the dealer can't get the connector apart without breaking it then I wouldn't trust them to take the pins out and reinstall them again.
by the time u get through messing with it u could have the pins opened up causing lots of problems. and if the pins close up then when u push it into the ecu u might damage the ecu.
nothing wrong with some plastic ties.