Jul 4, 2008
Cypress Texas
2005 Rocket III Std & 2012 R3R with 240 Carp. kit
Sorry for the long story, but here I go. 2005 standard, three K&N's, D&D exhaust. Was tuned about 10 years ago with Tuneboy. Have always had trouble with Tuneboy. Sometimes works great, other times takes awhile to get it to work?? Bike ran great till a few weeks ago. Battery went dead and had to jump start and ride it home about 20 miles. Was spitting and backfiring if i give it to much throttle. Low power and the high beam light was on. No other readings from the gauges?? I knew I was running off of the alternator with no battery to speak of. Got it home and not so much has the parking lights would come on.
Installed new AGM battery, Toyota starter and both battery cables with 4ga.. Motor never turned over so fast and strong. Ran great. The last time I rode it it felt like it may be surging at cruise speed. I thought it may have been head wind?? Son took a ride about 120 miles the other night and said it ran fine. It was due for a oil change and plugs and clean the filters. After service now it will stall after it runs about fives minutes. WIll start right back up. Sounds like it is running with the timing off at times?? Other times runs smooth. Also notice the wiring getting warm from the fuse block. Check voltage and amps and don't seem to be to high. Unplugged headlights ( have homemade relay setup for headlights). About 25 amps right after motor starts then will go down to about 9 amps after a few minutes of running.

I can hold the throttle at 1500 and the engine will want to stall but then picks back up. I notice the secondary butterfly shaft moving like it was just turned on when that happens. Engine will start right back up 90% of the time. The rest it takes a little cracking but will start.
Can get data with Tuneboy and my old Snap-On red brick with engine off. Both go dead after engine starts. Have restarted programs and still no communication with the ECM. I have unplugged the side stand switch, gear position sensor, bypassed the ing. switch. , bypass fuse 11 right to the battery. Installed old battery from my other Rocket and still the same. Thinking it may be a ECM. Any ideas would be great.
definitely not an expert on this, but i had a few instances where my touring would starting driving like crap, backfiring, low power, just generally running like crap, i would take Tune ECU and connect to the bike and reprogram the PCV and the Main ECU, then start the bike up and let it run the 12-minute tune (i was told to do that part by someone in the forum, don't remember who, so i do it) and then bike seems to run just fine again, i had to do this a few time, then i disconnected my AutoTune unit, reprogrammed again, and have never had a problem since
I think it could be cool wires loose after doin the plugs
u have watch out for them thar cool wires :laugh: :laugh:
Will I check the coil and cool wires and they are fine. Was able to pull the tune with tune ecu. Was tuned with Tuneboy years ago. Unable to get tune with Tuneboy? Download the same tune with higher speed limit and cooler fan on temp. When I checked afterwards, tune was there in ECM. Same problem. Have testing everything that I could think of that would shut motor off. Kickstand switch, clutch switch, jumped all relays one at a time and still stalling. Starts right back up. Is running rough. Not smooth and will backfire at times right before stalling. I did notice the secondary shaft moves like when the key is first turned on right after stalling. Like the ECM lost power. Checked power and grounds. Good. Just removed wiring harness and started to removing wrap to check each **** wire. The stalling is one problem, but the brown and black wires getting hot are another.
have u lubed the throttle and stepper motor.
after that open throttle wide open and let fly shut (do this several times.)
i always fix mine doing this.