Carbon Fiber Wheels for R3

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Dec 31, 2006
Offer Revoked

Offer revoked here.
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Interesting, but how much do the stock wheels weigh vs the carbon fiber? I don't know much of anything about suspension set up but I wonder if the difference in unsprung weight would warrant any suspension changes?

I also have concern about the ****ty midwest roads we have.
I didn't realize you were the one organizing the group buy. Sorry. I'll remove my comments. My apologies.
According to the site it looks like a weight savings of maybe 50% and that is not taking into consideration the hub set up they will have for the Rocket's rear drive. Anyone know what the stock wheels weigh? I will be curious to see how the handling is affected and what sort of suspension changes will follow since the Rocket isn't exactly equipped with a tunable suspension. I did notice that this past summer a couple of companies have started to make carbon rims and magnesium spokes and hubs for autos. Carbon fiber has to be able to withstand a high level of fatigue since it predominately used in aircraft.

If I had a new Duc 1098 or a D675 I would be more inclined to jump on board. But with an 800lb bike I may more likely to invest in a turbo or SC set up. Thanks for offering and I will be curious to hear the results.
I'm with you Pig9r, the $3,500 would be just the start of upgrades needed to deal with the weight change. The warranty would not do jack **** for us trying to negotiate these pot holed roads here in the Midwest. But of course since you and I would have the audacity to ask a question we should not consider these wheels! We would not be worthy of them.:p
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