apples to apples dyno results


Aug 13, 2006
Costa Mesa, CA
let me start off by saying that unless you are running the bikes on the same dyno you cant compare numbers. there are different "standards" used by different dyno operators. the reason i state that is i just know, sure as the sun will rise, someone is going to post their bike with d&d's/ tors , whatever got a billion hp etc.
just for fun we dyno'd curts bike which was stock except for running d&d's before installing a set of black dual predators.. d&d claims 14 extra hp and 11 extra lbs with thier mufflers.
here is their posted dyno results : they show stock hp at 128.8, most show 118-122 hp.. their stock torque at 146.4, everyone else at 130-135 but whatever
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here is the results we got. top blue lines (your bike on predators)
bottom red lines (your bike on d&d's)
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hope to get jimmy or doc on the dyno with their jars for a real fun comparison :D
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greg, got the way cool shirt... thanks, it really made my day :D:D
dont let him ride your bike till you get the revised version... he can sit on it and rev it up but he really needs to experience v2 as do you my friend :cool:

What kind of pice tag is on the predators.
I was going to get some Jardens I like there sound but they are proud of those baby's. What I like about the predators is they are black. It's just that more chrome I can get rid of.
The 155 hp is very strong! I'm guessing D&D won't be posting the "updated" dyno results on their website anytime soon. I would love to see Jardines or TORs on a straight-up comparison with Travelguy's pipes. That would be interesting.