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Jun 20, 2006
jersey shore
well i went to look at my new 2006 black on black rocket cause the sales guy told me it came in. the plan was to take it home this friday.. i get there and they pull it out from the garage and its black with a silver motor.......WTF. the salesman was as dumbfounded as i was. so he makes some calls and tells me the triumph rep says they are all out of black motors. WTF!. I call around and no other dealer has black on black.... i did find a leftover 2005 cardinal red that i can get for 14,300 no freight plus tax. that = $15,194 out the door. do you think i should go for that or spend the xtra $$ on a 2006 with a silver motor which i can get for 15,400 plus tax. any suggestions would be helpful.....thanks
Life is too short to feel that you have to "make do" with a motorcycle. In other words, if you don't get exactly what you want, it's the entire $15,400 that you are throwing away.

Buy what you love :cool:
Sorry to here the news. Yes it is quite a chunk of money but if you can compromise do it. If you had your heart set on a black on black wait. They will make more. I know you would feel like crap if you bought the silver engine on only to see a black engine one come in a few weeks later.
I say... well, er... I don't know....

I don't think I would go back and buy a 2005. They probably make those motors in runs... I would hound the rep to find out when they are going to make more black ones.. It very well may be that that won't happen now until the 2007 model year... it might be quite a wait.... But, if ya likes black... I'd hold out for it...
Ok, I like the red bike with the silver motor, but that's like your underwear, it's up to ya! Hopefully, the 2006 models won't have as many problems, so if you want black on black, wait for it!
I always thought the black motors were an indication of year, black being the more recent grey being the older?!?!?!

My two cents would therefore be wait til you can get a black one.
I did the "compromise" thing. When the Corneleus Blue (sp?) model came out, that finally pushed me over the edge to buy a Rocket. However, just as soon as I made the decision to buy one, a demo model popped up with 125 miles on it, black with the silver motor. The price was too good and I was able to justify buying all kinds of goodies for it with the savings.. :) I may end up doing a custom paint job on it eventually to get my blue, or whatever hits me at the time, but it's a great bike and always makes me wonder why I waited so long! But that's a decision you have to make, that black on black looks really nice...
Come on now, how hung up really are you on color? If you can't live without black on black wait, and get some Psychiatric counseling.:D Otherwise get some other color you like and be done with it. Don't look back either, stand by your decision proudly and firmly. You own a Rocket man, act like it.:D ;)

As difficult as it is deciding what kind of bike to get, more so when color and style are needing a decision, or at least for some. My big decision was choosing the Rocket over a Valk or Montauk. I see on E-bay body parts for sale at pretty good prices. Changing the engine color is pretty straight forward and not too expensive.
My wife wanted me to get a Red Rocket for visibility sake, so I did, but I love the Blue, graphite, and black as well. Too me the only one i didn't like was the yellow until i saw it with a black engine, then adding it to my love list. The black engine really shows the dirt. Change the color later, if you STILL think you must!;)

My suggestion(as stated earlier) is don't get hung up on the color as it's changeable. Besides you'll be two busy tearing up the streets, accepting compliments, and grinning to think about color IMHO. Don't wait, get a bike and start enjoying the magic only another Rocket owner can comprehend.
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