1. Ishrub

    Self stabilizing boots for Old Fart's

    self stabilizing boots for OLD FART'S 😉 :roll: :roll: AKA Hiking boots use hydraulic pistons to stabilize ankles on rocky ground...
  2. Zutt

    Boots for the Rocket...

    I need a new pair of boots (mine are worn out). Any ideas for boots that are not too fat from the front that would fit under the shifter? I don't want to get those weird looking racing boots. What are you guys wearing while on the Rocket? Pics, while not mandatory, are appreciated ;) Thanks...
  3. Gregger

    Chippewa Rally Boots

    Picked up a pair of these for $135 US with free shipping from Sheplers while I was Stateside. Great price but they have limited sizes left (Looks like these boots are on the chopping block). I love em. They look great with jeans. Have been breaking them in. Ordered a size 10D and they fit...
  4. TheKid

    Merlin Titan Boots

    Merlin Titan Outlast Boots (Color: Black / Size: 45) ITEM #1292519 Quantity: 1 I just got these yesterday and absolutely love them so far. 200 bucks. They are very soft, feel like house slippers. They advertised on Revzilla that they were not for wide widths. They are correct. I have a narrow...
  5. 1olbull


    Daytona Boots USA | Motorcycle Boots & Carver Boots - Order Online Buy Cheap Big Sale on these great Daytona German made boots! Example: My Arrow Sport Gore-Tex that cost me over $300.00 are now just $157.70.
  6. Ishrub

    One for Lupe or friends

    Lupe @mexican never be without your toll road cash again! ;):D:p I have bought R3 bits off of this bloke Rob - a good un, I don't think he wore these but who knows for sure HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE BOOTS LONG BLACK ORIGINAL $195 Scottsdale TAS 7260 ORIGINAL HARLEY DAVIDSON BIKER LONG...
  7. Dr.D

    Perfect Rocket Retro Boots

    I recently acquired these cool retro boots from Gasolina boots out of Mexico. They offer several styles of motorcycle riding boots The ventilated Shortcuts are my favorite summer riding boots. Gasolina Boots
  8. tails

    boots for sale.

    alpine star smx plus, size 45/10 these are perfect condition worn poss 5/6 times top quality bike boots. £130.00 plus £5.00 postage. also, spada ladys boots,size 41/7 waterproof used on last years tour of scotland, perfect condition £40.00 POSTED. photo,s can be sent if needed. many thanks.
  9. MiniSuperDuke

    For Sale Stylmartin Boots

    Size 12/46 Basically new, worn for one short ride. Too many boots for street and really need adventure/off road gear. Checking interest before I really use them and "make them mine." $215 shipped/ USA https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/stylmartin-cruise-boots
  10. 1olbull

    For Sale Imelda Marcos has BOOTS for SALE

    All brand NEW in box - never worn. Daytona Arrow Sport GTX Boots - size 10W - cost me $329 sell for $200. Daytona Arrow Sport GTX Boots Danner Striker II Gor-Tex side zipper - size 11W - cost me $203 sell for $125. I currently have two more pairs on the way and sure hope I soon can find a...
  11. Bedifferent

    For Sale Alpinestar Web Gore-Tex Boots

    Anyone interested in a pair of Alpinestar Web Gore-Tex Boots size 11 1/2 US or 46 EU. The Gore-Tex lining should keep you warm and dry, but they have yet to be used in the rain. I have a slightly wider foot so they fit my foot size well with room for a thicker sock. I wore them one time on a...
  12. 1olbull


    I have been wearing my Red Wing boots (10 inch tall) with custom side zipper for 12 years. I want to try a pair of actual motorcycle designed boots for the first time. I've done a lot of research and am now zeroing in on Daytona boots. Either the Daytona Road Star GTX (11.4 inches) or the...
  13. Dalan

    Size 15 motorcycle boots - dream on...

    One of the reasons I picked the Roadster was it fit me. With adjustable highway pegs, I do better. I see there are some big folks here. Right now, having success cutting down the lard the bike has to slog around with. Losing weight is a **** cheap performance mod. But, short of cutting off...
  14. Boots

    I am looking for a good pair of boots that offer the most protection. If anyone has any thoughts let me know. I am looking at the sidi adventure goretex at the moment. Although not the style I would choose, they have the features I am interested in. thanks,.
  15. Marky Mark

    Trackstar Boots

    Just picked up a pair of Trackstar boots at Cycle Gear, they were on closeout for $59, I think the original price was over $100. They're really more of a 'touring' than a track boot, but offer far better protection than the unarmored engineer boots I've been wearing. They have ankle/shin armor...
  16. Triple Trouble

    Waterproof boots

    Waterproof boots I came across this and thought it might be a handy reference if you are looking for new boots. Nothing worse than paying out a ton of money for something that doesn't perform as claimed. http://app.streamsend.com/private/A8...ss-video_15509
  17. Riding Boots

    I just finished a 1000 mile ride starting in Portland Or. Most of the time the ambient temp. in the 30's (F). In other words my footsies got really cold. Since the Rocket does not have any foot protection, I was wondering what most of you cold weather junkies wear to keep your feet warm...