Yeah I think the tanks would make it a little top heavy, they couldn't get any further out there.

The ass end reminds me of a lead sled.
When you go through somebodies windshield do you just take all six gallons with you and hope the auto driver ain't smoking???? Jack My brother in law loves It,course he rides a sportster to..
This new line of tourers does nothing for me.

Offspring of a illicit get together of a HD and a Gold Wing ???

I guess nobody can accuse them of copying HD anymore.

Is Arlen Ness still involved with Victory? It smacks of his influence.
I saw a pack of these "2 wheeled" space ships at Sturgis. Really strange when a group of 4 of them are in formation. The "V" shaped tail lights are fugly. I take that back, the whole **** thing is fugly.

My opinion only.
Hey ya just gota get used to it. Look what happened every time they changed the body style of the Corvette. They were always Fugly and would never sell. But they outlasted the T-bird and Camaro. My next move is next door to George Jetson:D