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Nov 30, 2006
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Since the time is rapidly approaching for me to buy my new 2007 Rocket III Classic Tourer (Red/Black...no black engine...rats) and have already sent in a $1,000 deposit to D&D Cycles in Pensacola, FL. I am a little curious about the Tuneboy. I am figuring, that for me, the stock engine configuration is going to be fast enough for me, same with stock air filter and pipes. What I am basically looking to do, if I decide to get the Tuneboy, is get rid of that 1st and 2nd gear speed limitation and correct the 7% speedo error. Just want to be able to get up and go when I want to without getting a ticket due to an inaccurate speedo (if I get a ticket I want to really know how fast I am/was going). Are there any other benefits I will be getting besides these two? And are there any other improvements, with the Tuneboy, that I should look into with that "stock" configuration (I understand that gas mileage will decrease by exercizing the "full power" option in 1st and 2nd gear).
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Gas mileage won't really be affected, it is more your wrist that controls that. I have gotten the same mileage pre and post tuneboy. The speedo reads about 7% slower, so it might save you some fine money to keep it stock.;) With tuneboy you can open the secondary throttle plates full time (another power restriction). There also is diagnosistic capabilities. Basically you have full access to all 6 fuel maps, 3 ignition maps, secondary maps, rev limiter, and wheel speed constant. Plus you can reset stepper motor and force adaptions (12 min tune).

More info here http://www.tuneboy.com.au/

However, if you want a custom fueling map done on a dyno, you may be hard pressed to find someone who uses tuneboy or is willing to learn to use it. This is where PCIII has tuneboy beat, PCIII is more plug and play as far as mapping goes.

Molinoman, sounds like you are getting stir crazy. Are you ready to get out of there already?
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Thanks for that info! I didn't want to get too mixed up, as a lot of the threads for the Tuneboy have been for adding new tunes because new exhaust systems, air filters and the like were installed. I'm sure I'll be pretty impressed, happy and satisfied the way it is stock.

Actually my year is up (for IRS purposes) on the 11th, two days from now. Was staying till my R&R (March 18th) to get one of two more bills paid off, come back on April 2nd for about 6 more weeks, pay the second bill off (doing this to make it more easier for me to get the Rocket and tell my wife "Look what I have paid off while I have been gone"....might work...). But...if they shovel any more "stupid" paperwork and tests on me that have no business being done in Afghanistan and I reach my breaking point...I'll just demob sooner. Coming back in April, mainly to give my notice and give them a chance to get someone in here to replace me.
Will be glad to get back as it will be riding season...long overdue for me (since last October).
Hi Dennis,talked to Travis yesterday and he told me the good news.Congratulations on getting your new classic.Yea,all other versions get the black motor,just found that out.Unless you like to drag I really don't think you would notice a 7% in 1st or 2nd as I have never tried it.I have been lax and had my hands leave the bars,once or twice in low gears,quite a wake up call.power a plenty my friend.We'll hook up when you get back,I'm really looking forward to it.;)
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NO BAGGAGEe! You've not realized the potential. Molino, think whuat your're getting into here. A **** good Crusiser with awesome potential!!

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I wish it didn'tcost so much for botl-ons.

REV LIMITER! I HATE that. It's ok hate a metal isn't it??
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