Triumph T's "In" for Summer


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
It appears that Triumph logo T shirts are quite the 'in' thing in the world of fashion. Not that I am a stylish dude by any means but when you want to buy a T shirt with your favorite motorcycle brand name on it and it costs $40 US???? What's the world coming to? I can buy a HD shirt for cheaper?!?!?!?
Wow! I see what you mean. Pricey place to order from. I ordered a long sleeve jersey type Ladies Triumph shirt from my dealer. was only $25. I think perhaps if you want Triumph you should shop around. And don't settle for HD. :)
Right Name, Wrong Store

Triumph, with NO connection whatsoever to motorcycles, is one leading brand name of lingerie in Europe. No kidding.

So yes, there are lots of Triumph-branded bras, panties and nightgowns up for sale over here. Lace T-shirts (kind of) as well.

But no, you won't get no discount on that garter belt you so purposely want wiffie to put on next Saturday night by showing your RAT membership card to the store salesperson:(:cool:
Those are for posers who don't even own a Triumph they just want to look cool.

You can get them for less than that at Triumph dealers. Engle's will even give you one for free--all you gotta do is buy a Triumph to go with it :D
Engle's will even give you one for free--all you gotta do is buy a Triumph to go with it

Good point. The first "free" T shirt I had to buy a Speed Triple to get it free. The second one was with the Rocket test ride which ended up with me selling the Speed Triple after less than a year and getting the Rocket. So I guess I shouldn't complain about $40 right?
I know Baxter's has a few different kinds of Triumph T Shirts, as does Engles. How about ElDorado Cycles? What about your local dealer(s) RS? Anyone else?? Wilbur?? Ya gotta have some T's, its fun to get them from all over.
I would like to get one from Rocket Cycles (a Triumph Dealer) in San Diego, CA, however they don't have a website. Maybe a good excuse for a road trip?
How about El Dorado Cycles?

They have some Triumph shirts, as well as hats,Jackets and do-dads. Last time I went to El Dorado Cycle 3 weeks ago, they had a better selection of jackets than Engles but Engles had more shirts and Triumph do-dads.

El Dorado Cycle sells Gas Gas, Suzuki, Polaris,Victory, Enfield, and Triumph, at least according to their receipt header. So they seem to have lots of stuff other than motorbikes. Engles sells BMW and Triumph.
Non-Sensical Cotton

What's wrong with plain white T- shirts?

Unlike HD tattoes on HD owners' hide, white shirts are devoid of fleeting (?) brand allegiance messages (a form of marque or product sponsorshio that is unique in capitalistic terms, BTW, by virtue of its NOT being rewarded at all). They wash or, as/if needed, bleach easier, as opposed to logos or imprints that tend to discolor or wrinkle. They look dateless and... so will you (remember James Dean?) when, 5 or 10 years down the road, someone decides to exhume daddy's or honey's biking pics. And they tend to be way more affordable :cool:
All my Triumph shirts came from my dealer. I agree with Jamie on the plain white t-shirt, but I always get something on them when I wear one.

I am working on a design of my own, when I get it finished I'll let you guys have it if you want.