Billionaire boss of Triumph Motorcycles pays himself £13m

Triumph resurrection and growth under John Bloor has been an incredible success story.

I don't consider myself as a Triumph expert, but I certainly remember when the first of the Hinckley Triumphs were rolled out they were very impressive to behold considering they had started from nothing.

The direction and execution of the business has resulted in an incredible lineage of motorcycles ever since Hinckley opened it's doors and wheeled the first one out.

Like any turn-key manufacturing business, they have battled through many challenges & setbacks, but have not just survived, they have pretty much conquered the global motorcycle market. I mean, there aren't many bike brands out there that have such a wide range of bikes that have the level of build quality, performance and riding dynamics....with a Brand identity as strong as Triumph.

In the beginning it was the brand image of Triumph that gave a very significant foundation to the Hinckley products, but I reckon that today, their products stand on their own qualities and brand identity.

That's an incredible and rare feat.

....🤔....I dunno....Perhaps having the word 'triumph' in the name is the key to it after all....... :thumbsup:
... after profits at the business lept....

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that's very moderate if you consider he invested £100M pounds of his own money since 1990 to rescue this brand from "extinction". most if these funds went into R&D to ensure products are great of the bat! - see some folk beat me in sharing some history/context