Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
With the torque etc on the rocket is there any issues (bushing problems, etc)anyone knows about putting on taller bars I have 16" apes on my Road King and was wondering about putting taller ones on the Rocket. I saw in another post some people have put the taller bars I was thinking about maybe a 10 or maybe 12 inch fat bars.

I have 12" x 1.25" bars now and have no problems. You can even get away without making any changes to your cables with a little fancy re-routing but your wiring will not extend that far. I ended up cutting and extending my wiring and running it all inside the bars for that smooth look.

I have just bought a set of 16" apes that I will be putting on in a few weeks and for that you will also need new cables. I have another post (link below) for good quality braided SS cables that you can order in longer than standard lengths.

..........reach for the sky...........
Reach for the sky, I like that. I will probably start with the 12's with the 16's on the other bike it would be nice to have something a bit different. Hey 4 inches is four inches. Since you are going to change to 16's any chance you might sell the 12's, if so I might be interested.

The freight would probably push the price over the value you could probably pick them up for. I was not actually planning to make the change for a while yet cause its still summer, will probably wait until end of March. I assume you want to do it before then....I'll check back with you then.
Oops, I guess I should look to see where you are from before asking. I know a few folks in Australia I was the person who actually brought God's Squad over to the US even though I am not part of it anymore, they were formed in Australia.

16" apes on

Hey Freak,
I've just put my new bars on and added a couple of pics to my album for you. They are way more comfortable than the 12" ones....cheers.
Very Very nice. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I might have to do the same thing to mine I love APes on bikes my Harley has them also. Did you buy the extended cables etc or make them? Where did you buy them if you did? Were they expensive.

Looks cool and I don't think your sholders would block the mirror view but I don't think my ass would reach the seat.And I don't have S.A.P. to bad..Is that legal?? Thanks for the picts.We love picts....Jack
Here in this neck of the woods, 48" is the max height of bars allowed to be street legal...

But then again after-market pipes and LED signals aren't street legal either...

not that it's going to stop anyone from having 'em