Stebel Nautilus or WOLO Air Horn


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Nov 25, 2006
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Stebel Nautilus under left side cover, with it's relay to the upper right. This is a phenomenally loud horn, even under the cover. A couple of extra length wire leads were needed to run from the stock horn leads down to the horn and it's relay. A hot wire with fuse was run to the battery. The horn draws a lot of current.


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TO: biker bill

that set-up looks good, my question to you, how do you rate the quality of the chrome frame cover that you have there? do you have pictures of the side with the covers on and showing the frame tube cover? thanks Rademis I meant this question to biker 1059
You've positioned your's a bit higher. There is a fourth mounting accommodation for another relay just behind your horn. I run a Back-Off tail light modulator that also requires a relay. I put that relay on the fourth holder, as seen in my posted thumbnail image. Just a thought for future consideration. Where did you put the horn relay?
And there is yet another mounting slot for yet another relay, as seen.
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sigh, when there was no space

California models have a huge carbon canister under the left side cover.

I disassembled my Stebel and put just the horn part where the original
horn was. I then ran some fuel line back to the compressor which is
out board mounted next to the left (rear) shock absorber, parallel and
just in front of it. I painted the compressor flat black.

Probably more trouble than it was worth, but a great horn.


Awesome! I'd like to see some pics on your arrangement. I wouldn't mind putting the entire 138dbz right up front. I didn't think to dismantle the unit. How did you do that? You say parallel to the shocks? That's not best, if I'm not picturing ground perpendicular. They say as near upright as possible. I wouldn't know if proper mounting effects out-put or longevity. But, since I do have space under the left side cover, and clearly the members can be separated I could go that route. Pictures please.
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I ended up with a Calif. bike (don't ask me how) with the canister too. It took up residence on a shelf in the garage. I still think you have a great idea separating the horn. ????? is there a lag in the horn blast because of the length of hose....:confused:
Stebel Disassembled...

I'm attaching a couple of pictures here.

There is no lag at all even though there is now ~30 inches of fuel line
hose between the compressor and the horn.

They come apart pretty easily, kinda worked them apart with a couple of
flat blade screwdrivers.

I started with the 'chromed' Stebel horn.

Once the two pieces are separated you need to fasten some kind of adapter for the
fuel line to the horn. You can see this in the pictures, after enlarging the existing hole
by hand with a twist drill I epoxied a small coper pipe nipple to the horn. I also cut
off the plastic "wings" that originally wraped around the compressor locking the plastic
horn to it.

I also epoxied a reinforcing plate to the bit of plastic fender where I mounted the
compressor. You can see where I drilled a hole there in the wrong place. You
just gotta do it wrong first! I'll fill that with a bolt/nut one of these days.

I have a PVC cap I'm going to cover the head of the compressor with to cover the
air inlet. I'll probably add some velcro to act as a particle filter there too.

btw, this looks to be a nice replacement compressor if I ever need one:

All in all.... probably not worth the effort, but its Ok now its done.




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