Someone traded in...


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
A 2005 Springer Softail with only 495 miles on it. Not exactly a lifestyle biker. I had to ride it around to move it... we had to do an inspection on it. The clutch was very hard to pull in.. it had no power anywhere, if you cranked the bars hard in one direction the engine would rev up because the throttle cables were both misadjusted and misrouted. As I'm moving this thing the first thing that pops into my mind is.. where is my Rocket? How did Harley fall so far behind?
Those springer front ends can be scary. A co-worker had a 2003 Springer that developed some front end shakes while leaning in corners. It scared the crap out of him a time or two. After about 1500 miles he sold it. Apparently if one of the three springs up front is weaker than the others it causes what handling that was there to be shot. Just another example of how HD is willing to compromise safety and technology for no$talgia.