Living Legend
Oct 30, 2006
Just ordered some saddle bags from, thier the "bad lands" model. I've been looking for quite sometime and have poured over countless web sites and finally found the bags that I wanted (I thought). Got a call today from Jane (Mrs. Jim) to confirm my order and while talking with her found out that the bags I ordered would probably not work. So after remeasuring I came to the conclusion that she was right ( I hate it when a woman is right) and we talked about which bags would fit best. I'll post some pics when they arrive, but just based on my experience thus far I would highley recomend these people. They really seem to care that you get the right product for your bike and not just on making a sell.:bch:
Yes they are and thank you. I'm rapidly approaching old fartdom, but the Rocket is part of my long time strategy to stay young at heart.