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Jul 16, 2006
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Here's the update.....

I have the prototype liners in my bags, well. sort of. I'm waiting for the fasteners to come in from Vermont. Should be here on Friday.

The Flipmeister Saddlebag Liners will restore the factory, angular shape to your bags (no pun intended, don't tell your wife). It will be a 4 piece set, 2 pieces per side, complete with all fasteners in your choice of either black, brushed or dull finish. You'll need a 5.5mm or a 7/32" drill and drill motor and a stubby flat blade screwdriver. The liners will be fabricated from 0.125" High density Polyethylene Virgin Extruded material and heat formed to the bag contour. Of course complete instructions will be included. Stay tuned to my website. They should be available for human consumption early next week:D They should be right around 32 bucks a side plus shipping. Considering the bags are over 700 bucks new and look like Fat Albert in short order, a nice restorative fix will be welcome, at least for my bags.

I'd entertain advance orders for 30 bucks a side but the shipping is a crapshoot until I physically package a set and get a weight. However, once they are on the website, you will be able to combine the liners with my other products and at that point, I will also combine shiping. However, I'm not going to make the liners ahead of time but on an 'as needed' basis so there will be a couple day wait time.

Amy was wondering what I was cooking in the shop........She's made chocolate chip cookies the same color as the black PE liners before.........................:eek:
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You want 'em, I'll send 'em

do i get some chocolate chip cookies?:)


Amy is a wonderful wife, very supportive of me and makes big bucks too. However, her fort'e isn't baking. Especially not cookies or biscuits. I've had more than one occasion where the cookies resembled charcoal briquettes and the biscuits resembled '8' balls and were just as hard. To her credit, she makes fantastic meat loaf, baked chicken, spaghetti and meat sauce and bakes good pies. I guess cookie sheets and her don't get along somehow.
Mate Im a baker/pastry cook by trade so wont need any cookies;)If you ever make it over this way I will have to whip up a batch:D(to be washed down with several beverages)
Which two sides get the reinforcement face, front,rear or top I've seen sags in on post here in several places(layin myself wide open here), I think.... or do the pieces cover say, a end and side??????:confused:

All the way around the inside perimiter to the top of each flap just above the velcro strip but below the edge and the top flap outboard to each seam. The top liner wil overlap the factory stiffiner in the rear and the factory PE strip on the front. I considered a complete front panel as well but if you install a ridgid front panel, the bag looses a lot of capacity. At that point you are limited to 6.5" of width and no more with a rigid front panel. My bags puckered badly on the leading edge at the velcro and the top lid buckled....not now.
I don't know how I did it, but I have 2 threads running concurrently on this so I'll post pictures on both as soon as I get the fasteners from the supplier in Vermont. Should be Friday. I have a set done and in my bags but with a mish-mash of sample fasteners the vendor supplied as a sample.
That sounds like a good fix I have one sagging like yours and the other seem fine so far. Leather seems to be thicker on the OK one I am sure it will do the same soon, I am putting on a hitch next and will have to remove the bags then. Git er all done then. thanks
I really want to offer/include a tub of the leather care stuff Amy and I have used for years on the horses show harness. I had a hell of a time tracking the stuff down. It's made by a mom and pop (literally) operation in Illinois and the old man (literally) who holds the patent on this stuff is having a supplier problem as in the outfit that mixed the stuff decided at the last minute that they weren't going to mix anymore. He has none in stock and I have half a tub which isn't enough for anyone. I've talked to his daughter a couple of times on the phone and pleaded with her to have her dad find someone else to mix the stuff so I can get a couple of cases. This stuff has the consistency of yougurt, it's purple colored and you wipe it on, let it sit a minute or two and wipe it off. It cleans all the dirt off, waterproofs and imparts a nice sheen to the leather plus it leaves it soft to the touch. It beats Lexol and all that stuff hands down and you can use it on light colored leather without darkening the leather.