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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Today I finally made it out to D&D Cycles to see what the lay of the land was. Unfortunately, they had to get the Rocket from South Carolina. It is on it's way to Pensacola, but not due till Thursday or Friday...I will just have to be patient a little while longer.
The good news is I have the VIN and got the proof of insurance, and the buyers order so all the paperwork at the credit union is done and most important I have the check.
I will be delivering that tomorrow or Thursday.
I almost said the heck with it and almost went after the blue/white Rocket Classic already on the floor at the dealer, but cooler heads prevailed and I decided to wait till the one I really want comes in and be happy with that.
Now I've got to draw out that color combo for the Corbins and see if I want the red or the black on the outside, I'll let them know tomorrow.
That's it for now...getting closer.
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Sounds like nothing ahead but sleepless nights for the next few days! Congrats on the new purchase! Dink and Julie at D&D are great people to have as dealers, and as friends. Tell'em Ernie said Hey when you go pick the bike up. Bigern
The preserverance was hard to do. Up till now all I had was the typical photo layout on the website to go by. There is a "360 degree" view available on the blue/white one there, but nothing on the Phantom Black / Sunset Red.

Yesterday,when I visited the dealership, was the first time I had actually seen one in the context of actually being in the "buying" mode. I actually got to "sit" on one. I was very impressed, after getting it off the kickstand I hefted it around to see how it felt. Since I also have the Wing the weight just didn't seem to be much of a factor. I was real impressed with the black engine, am very glad I held out for it. I was so impressed (still no test ride) with just the appearance of the beast, that I was, at one point, just willing to go ahead and get the "bird in hand" one that was already at the dealer. That is when I had to do a reality check and just try to slow down that urge. I think if I hadn't already had gotten D&D Cylces into the bind of special ordering mine (floor charges start immediately, instead of the "customary" 60 days normally given to move the bike, when the bike hits the dealer) I would probalby have "settled" for the blue / white just looked that good.

I have already had one motorcycle with the floorboards (2001 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Classic) so I'm sure I will get used to those real quick, and those boards are a decent size.

Sittin on it I was impressed also by the sheer size of that gas tank laid out in front of me. This machine felt like a big, bad motorcycle that just "fit". I go for a test ride today when I go down and deliver the check, I'm sure I won't be disappointed when I turn the key and make the bike come "alive".

I didn't get this bike to be a "Harley killer", though I'm sure I'll have no problem getting this bike to fulfill that particular mission, but I will enjoy the anticipated looks of envy I"m sure I will get, pulling up next to just about any bike as this one is that different from the norm as it appears ready made to give any bike a "size" inferiority complex.

This bike is not going to get here soon enough, as I'm starting to get up against a diminishing time frame to be able to enjoy this before I have to go back for my final 6 weeks....sigh.
13 days to go!
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Good Morning Dennis.I went out to D&D yesterday thinking maybe I would catch you there and stayed until 11:30 or so and as usual ended up buying something.I had another meeting but made it to the business meeting they have at Golden Corral and qualified for 1st place in their annual Golden Chicken Award ceremony for the rider with the most mileage since November.I asked Julie what was up and she told me Thursday for your ride to come in. As I have to be in Bay Minette today I didn't want to miss the occasion and I'm sure nobody here wants to miss it either so I will bring my camera.:D
Sorry I missed you guys

Baggage1, sorry we didn't cross paths at the same time. I wish I would have known about the Golden Corral, I may have just made an appearance just to match a few of the faces up. Not sure when I 'll be there tomorrow. They have my phone number, I wouldn't mind getting a few photos myself during the "birthing" (uncrating) process myself.

When I get the pics I'll be sure and load 'em up and post them pronto.
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Blue/white is gorgeous. And a lot scarcer than solid black and even black' n red variations. I'd yank it out of the dealership, if I were ya. Best. Jamie:cool:
I know that the anticipation has to be killin' ya...

As a born and raised Floridian, I feel compelled to offer one piece of advice for your first ride....

"If you don't have one, find a full-faced helmet and wear some good gloves."

The reasoning...
When you grab a handful of throttle those gloves are going to be the only thing keeping you on the back of that beast, and the full-face is so the wind doesn't blow your face off as well as keeping the bugs from going in and out... ;) :rolleyes:

You are going to have a blast! Go out on the highway, and pass something....

Enjoy and keep the shiney side up!:D :D
Ratboy, got them both. Supposed to be in tomorrow (hope), it's going to be immediately prepped and will be picking it up sometime during the day.
Will be riding it during the next week, and will be leaving it at the dealer to have them install the accessories while I am gone.
13 dtg!