Pic of Triple K&N's Under Bearclaw

hey p9, have you noticed a lot more intake "noise" with these ?
i ask because i did the uni's (decided i wasn't going to chance a fire and removed them after) and noticed a large increase in intake sound.. almost like a knocking noise.. equivelent to a bad rod in a car motor... not just the normal waaaa that you would expect to hear. i don't know if it was just reverberaltion or perhaps i have some weird engine prob at 1500 miles.
by the way putting the stock plenum back on is , how shall we say a real *****.. the 2 rubber ducts and clamps that lead to the air funnel under the tank are like so not easy to get back on.
have you noticed an increase in performance ?
which tune are you currently running ?
happy new year all.
67 f and sunny so it's time to go ride...
Hey Travelguy, I would also like to know if anyone has noticed a "rod knocking" type of noise after they upgraded the intake setup. I went with the single "under the tank" K&N and every since, I've noticed a noise that was not there before, as Travelguy stated "equivelent to a bad rod" knock. I wonder if the "new" sound is related to the "noise path" being altered (shortened to be exact). I believe I can detect the new sound from both sides of the bike, which would lend to the centered air filter under the tank.

Any of you captains, who have gone with the "under the tank" model, have any new sounds of concern? Let us know if this is the "new" norm. I'm really considering a trip to the dealership.

See ya.
Travelguy- yes there is much more intake noise and I notice the same "knocking" especially when really getting on it. Nothing that really worried me, I figure it is just how the intake sounds. I kind of like it because when you open it up you can really hear the engine working. I can also get a little bit of an intake squeak at certain RPMs. The stock intake was a ***** to take off so I couldn't imagine putting it back on. My only concern with this set up is potential to suck some water in the intake in heavy rain. I haven't noticed much of an increase on the arse dyno however it does seem to rev a little faster. I am running 20050 3 Decel tune. (it is posted in the Trading Tunes section) It is the latest pod dyno tune that tuneboy put out but I changed the fuel to correct for popping on decel and made a few a/f adjustments. Seems to be a very smooth set up.

Rusty-- mine was the same way when I went to the under tank setup. I have done over 5000 miles this year with that set up and Tom has several thousand on his too.
I'd venture to say you could not get the Rocket to "breath" any better than your last alteration Pig9r. Well, maybe if you were to "force feed" it, right?

Thanks for the "noise" comments. I really notice the knock during acceleration but not once I've "planed out". I feel much better now.

See ya.
p9, i'll fess up... i have an extra/extra bc... just in case i screwed the pooch on my first ram air... make ya a deal... draw something up of what you want to do so we don't duplicate and i'll send it to ya...
glad the "knocking" noise isn't just me... i always kinda sorta heard it from 2-3 k rpm.. just more noticable now with intake mods...
guess i can order that tts intercooled super charger now :) that i d on't have to worry about the noise...
p9, i remember when you put on your kyurk silver bullets and were kinda disappointed in the illumination...i had the same impression after putting some on.. i just finshed converting some reg. sized bullets to leds that are turn signal, run and brake without the blinker switch thing... these things are so bright that you see the pattern after you look away.. i'll try to post up a digital camera vid so you can see how cool these turned out... the large size of them also fits the size of the r3 more i think...
for sale amber kyruk small silver bullets and mount bolts...
make me an offer....
Travelguy, that's funny I just got a set last week myself. I haven't had a chance to open them yet. What was the model number you got because looking at them in the package they look a little big. I got the 2320's. I also got the leds for them.

Also sent you a pm.
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