O2 kit & Tuneboy issues


Jun 23, 2006
Today my tuner told me that Dynojet's O2 elimination kit won't fit on the bike. It is part #76423006. Dynojet swears it fits. Am I missing something?

Power commander folks, when you bought the power commander, did it just come with the PC and the O2 kit? I'm thinking there may be an adapter or something that connects to the O2 kit?

If I can't get that kit working, I'll be stuck with some of the bike in closed loop, which is unacceptable, which means I'll have to go with Power Commander.

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.
Yes... when I installed my PC III the O2 sensor eliminator came with the PC III.

You simply unplug the O2 sensor from the bike's wiring harness. This leaves you with an "open" connector on the bike's harness that you plug the eliminator in to. That connector is a universal style socket that is even used on cars. I find it hard to believe he can't get it to plug in.

My only thoughts are that he's trying to plug it into the O2 sensor and not the bike's harness....

Or maybe the plugs ARE different because some O2 sensors are heated and older ones are not. The heated sensors have a 4 pin connector (i think this is what the Rocket has, but I'm going from memory here).... the older unheated O2 sensors only have a two pin connector. You would have to look at the harness connector on the Rocket, see how many pins it has, and then order the correct eliminator to fit that connector.

Or maybe he drinks too much and unplugged the wrong connector or something... In which case Jack and I would like to meet him :D
**** Tom...very insightful stuff there! I'm gonna call the tuner tomorrow and see if he was drinking too much. And I'm gonna buy you a few beers for your help - lots of beer if I can get a freakin' custom Tuneboy map with no closed loop!

Pig9r, I'll buy you some beer too for helping me out on other stuff.

hey tall, my pc111 came w/ o2 that had little box and cable... new one looks just the the electrical connector and at the end of the connector you can see 2 small resistors encased in silicone.. i just plugged it in to o2 wireharness (bike) connection and we did dyno's today no problem
Appreciate the feedback Travelguy. And I'm looking forward to hearing about those pipes of yours!
Well I finally figured some things out no thanks to some slow sales associates and tech guys at Dynojet.

On the Dynojet website, there is a Triumph O2 eliminator with the part #76423006. That is the part I have and it will NOT fit the Rocket.

I discovered that the O2 eliminator that comes with the Rocket PC III is actually part #76423016. And the fun thing is that this part is not listed on Dynojet's website.

I ordered the correct part and will have it in my tuner's hands by Monday. He will not be able to start tuning before then because of racing obligations starting tomorrow through Sunday.

I should know Monday afternoon if the O2 controller allows open loop everywhere in Tuneboy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna scream, then go have a few cold beers.