O2 Eliminator Install


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
After being able to solve the decel popping issue via Tuneboy I got tired of having it return due to the O2 sensor trimming out the fuel tables while in closed loop. No sense in loading a custom tune if the ECU is going to lean it back to 14.57/1, right? Since Dynojet has an upgraded O2 eliminator I thought I would give it a try.

I ordered part# 76423016. Got it directly from Dynojet for about $22 shipped.

And this is what you get...

It's a pretty simple install, just take the right side covers off and trace the wire up from the O2 sensor until you get to where it plugs into the wiring harness. Unplug the O2 sensor wire and plug in the eliminator. See below for where the O2 sensor is located.

I decided to completely remove the O2 sensor.. to do so remove the right side exhaust sheild.

Then to remove the wire, remove the ECU (two fastners) and the lower fastner for the ECU mounting bracket. You can now pull the wire out.
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And remove the O2 sensor from the exhaust bung. I plugged the bung with a M18 oil plug I got from the hardware store.

A short test ride and everything works fine. No check engine light so the eliminator must be doing its job. I just need to reload my tune to reset the adaptions.

Thanks to TallTxGuy for his research into the correct Dynojet part number.
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Great pics & an even better find on that Dynojet part # being listed on a webpage. I found nothing on Dynojet's webpages. Would you please explain how in Hades you found that webpage!

Glad to hear that you finally did the O2 elimination, Pig9r. Did you notice any difference in accelerating? How about when slowing down (not talking about the popping but about the smoothness)?
And remove the O2 sensor from the exhaust bung.

Why did you remove the O2 sensor? Once you disconnect it, it isn't doing anything, right? Did you do anything to L tables after installing the dynojet part?
TTG-I didn't notice any difference in how it ran from idle to WOT. The main goal is to keep the ECU in open loop. I found it on ine by doing a search by part number on the Dynojet online store.

DougL- I removed the O2 sensor because without power to it the heater element wouldn't be running. I thought that it might get carboned up or fouled up so I took it off in case I wanted to reinstall it later. It was simple enough and the plug cost $3.89. I will reload the current tune I have to reset the adaptions. It is the 2005_3Decel tune which I copied the fuel and ignition tables from Wayne's 2005_3 tune into the new Triumph release tune and added 10% - 15% fuel to the L tables.
So does it still pop or backfire? Do you have any problems with the bike's idol when you come to a stop light? I know with my jardines when the bike heats up and I come off the throttle at some stop lights it almost acts like it is going to die.
Goss- The tune takes care of the popping or "afterfiring." The O2 sensor will keep it from returning. The bike idles great. It always has too, knock, knock, knock on wood.