.020 Over
Sep 18, 2007
Raleigh, NC, USA
Whee! I just got home from the dealer after signing the
deal on my new blue/white '07 Rocket III Classic! I've
been lurking here for a while, and finally bit the bullet
after my wife talked me into it (yah, she didn't really need
to do much talking:) I'm currently riding a Thruxton
and love it; the Rocket is the bike she'll be riding with me
obviously. Gotta love a woman that appreciates a beautiful
British bike!

They're ordering some accessories and will install them
before I pick it up, but I thought I'd submit my first post
to show my enthusiasm!

Not sure, but he apparently has some financial incentive to
get it to me before the end of the month. He wasn't sure
how many of the accessories were in stock. It was all a good
deal, so I loaded it up with the things I thought would be nice
on the road.
I came a hair of buying a T100 when I bought the
Thruxton. I was sitting on the Bonnie, and the Thrux
across the room just kept calling to me. Resistance
was futile. I hate yellow, but that yellow Thrux was
just 'right'. Took me a while to get used to the thing
(and a lot of sit ups!:), but I will probably ride it until
one of us kicks the bucket.

Same thing happened with the Rocket.... It must be
some sort of sickness... I hope I get better soon,
the medicine is expensive! :-D
Welcome to the forum Captain rcktman. I imagine you're quite anxious. What sort of Accessories did you favor to start with? Screw the OEM accessories plug; unless you've BMW accessories into plug into it. Join in often and everyone likes pictures.
Yep, very very excited!

I got the knee pads (I tend to use 'em), roadster screen and lowers,
front dresser bars, high sissy bar and classic backrest for the wife,
and heated grips. I didn't consider the aux socket, I've never used

I'm thinking on the H&B bags for trips, but am still thinking about
that. That Easy Bracket looks like my cup of tea as long as it holds
the weight okay.