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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Actually it is already there (at D&D Cycles), it is just waiting for me to get there. Sent a deposit in and they sent me some photos of it...time is not flying by fast enough.
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Congrats. One positive of having it waiting for you, you can order plenty of aftermarket goodies and have them waiting for you when you get home.
It's About Time

Well, you finally took the plunge! The water's just fine....... isn't it? I'd think it's almost harder knowing you've got the beast, can see pictures of it and yet can't hop on board. Really looks nice and all dressed up for the dance.

Get home safe and be sure and give us an update on the first ride.
Congrats! Same as mine except no bull nuts or crash bars.

Forget the powerlet accessories outlet and go with Pig9r's adapted cigarette lighter adapter. OEM crash bars vs Rivco crash bars have been debated. Highway pegs are said to be more stable on the latter. I've the Triumph engine guards and I'm disappointed on the strength of the attachment flanges; too much flex, imo. The OEM bars are said to extend outward further.

Cardinal Red subjugated by Heretic Black. Kewl!

D&D has evolved over the years, haven't they? I used to go there when it was more or less a shed along side of his house. It was really neat... I liked it alot :D .

Thanks guys for all the well wishes. I think I'll actually believe it when I am actually sitting on it going vroom, vroooom, vrooooooom. Then I'll remember I can actually start 'er up, git it in gear and migrate my way back to Molino about twenty miles away, though I'm sure I'll get sidetracked somewhere along the way. With two motorcycles to choose from I should be able to keep from piling on too much mileage on either one. I've got two aluminum buildings to use to keep them out of the weather in case those evil hurricanes come a knock'in.
Now if these days will keep flying by...