New Risers But Now No Clutch


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Sep 8, 2006
Lansing, MI
I put Rivco risers on today. It went OK, a real pain in the ass in my opinion, but - now I have no clutch.

I rettached the clutch cable and silver pivot on the side of the engine. I reattached the other end of the cable to the clutch lever on the bars. But now the clutch lever is loose and floppy. The pivot on the engine is easy to turn with fingers, where as when removing it there was so much tension I could barely remove the clutch cable for rerouting.

Does anyone know what I did wrong or how I can get this back together correctly?
I finally installed the risers on my 06 classic. All the problems I had heard here almost scared me off. I had no problems at all other that the bolt on the bar clamp picked up aluminum from the stock piece. I spent 20 minutes chasing threads on the bolt. (metric taps and dies next on the tool list). No cable routing needed, all worked fine. The front brake line to the "T" block is snug. but looks like it will be fine. I have just a few miles so far but I think thew will allow me to sit in a better position for the old back. planning a 300 mile trip tomorrow. will have a better idea when I get back...........:cool:
The only reason brother-in-law Bart had grief was that he took the bell crank off the actuator rod by the water pump instead of removing it from the clutch lever at the handlebar. He lost the pre-load which you have to have to actuate the internal clutch mechanism. I told him how to re-set it. All has been well since then.

I took a tip from Bart and purchased a

It's tits on the Classic. You basically convert the seat into a bucket seat with a lumbar support. I sit back with the stock bars against the adjustable rest on the CruiserBag and relax. What an improvement.
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Hey Gunshots...the Risers still working out fine for you? I look at the front brake line on my '06 classic and wonder how any risers would work.
Stil no problem. it is a close fit and I wouldn't want it to be any shorter, All of my cables, lines and hoses worked fine without rerouting any thing. I did twist the right side Throttle-Brake assembly back a bit, to give that line a little slack. I love the risers and its a lot easyier on the ole back.