New Brake Recall!

Well it only took Triumph 3.5 years to admit they had a problem and to attempt to rectify it. I guess for them that's light speed.:thumbsup:
PS (The Chiefs lost again today so I'm not happy at this time):mad:
It makes me wonder if someone died over the course to issue a worldwide recall. Yeah, that could get expensive with all the documented failures.
Had mine done, finally.
I would like to give a big thank you to @brisanmotorcycles. Rapid and friendly service.
It turned out that my old faithful Gearne boots blew out the sole of my left boot as I arrived. Sole just decided to peel off. With a few lengths of 1000 mile/h tape, provided by friendly staff, it was good enough to get me home.
A pair of R3GT's turned up whilst I was waiting. Got chatting and one of the guys started telling how poor his previous experiences with Brisans had been.
I have nothing but praise. The young mechanic who returned my bike was happy to chat and explain what he had done, although I couldn't get anything conclusive about what Triumph had found to be the cause of our brake issue.
Assuming it is a Brembo master, they should take some of the blame for this. Since it isn't all bikes, did they have a bad manufacture batch or did Triumph use 2 variations? Would really like to know the details of this.
I'm betting this new one has a larger plunger/piston to move more fluid per stroke. I don't see much difference in the physical size. I hope they figured out the air inclusion problem with the redesign. The system has no return line so any air will still be trapped above the master cylinder. Fingers crossed...
I'm curious... Have any of you guys that have had their master cylinders upgraded, end up with any brake failure problems since the change???
This is good timing as my rear brake is dead after having them bled last year.

I just called the dealership to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, there won't be a long backlog of master cylinders.
My parts came in a couple of weeks ago, but finally got around to getting it scheduled and completed on Thursday.

Took them about 3 hours, including doing the fuse swap recall and annual maintenance/oil change.

I asked the guy at the service desk and he said it was the first brake recall they'd done. I know there are a couple of other Rocket 3s in the Kansas City area, but they might be waiting till spring to have theirs done.
I'm curious... Have any of you guys that have had their master cylinders upgraded, end up with any brake failure problems since the change???
Mine is supposed to be done, but at this point, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ever getting my bike back from the dealership, was in an accident back in mid September, and 4 times they were bringing it in to put the parts on only to figure out that they didn't see some of the damage and had to go back and order more parts. wouldn't be so bad, but when i brought it in the service guy said that they would be going over it, front to back and top to bottom, apparently they didn't do that very well, since the first parts quote for the insurance company was missing items, that I specifically told them were damaged but you couldn't see unless you to took the front apart. they even took pictures all around the bike, and of the one pannier that got run over by a CRV and Ram pick up, but because it wasn't on the bike the mechanic didn't order new ones, I had to sort of lose my mind at them to get them ordered